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The Youth Market is the largest market targeted by the media for selling products. The Youth Market contains products specifically aimed at teenagers. It contains more products than any other market and the media does more market research on this market than any other. When a product is brought out for the Youth Market, the company that is bringing out the product has to conduct market research. Advertisers that aim their products at teenagers create a need for that product by many different methods.

Advertisers play on emotions, they seduce and entice people to buy their products, and try to create an advert with an image that will reinforce the image that we have of ourselves so that we feel that the product was meant for us. The advertising agencies aims are to inform, persuade and remind people about their product. It can inform people about a firm’s range of products, introduction of a new product and the firm itself.

Some of the products I have listed, such as the pencilcase and music CD are exclusive to the youth market. The companies that produce these have targeted their products at teenagers making them exclusive to the Youth Market. Products such as toiletries, clothes, games and music are examples of the types of products that are exclusive to the youth market. Each print advert aimed at the youth market has its own conventions; its own set of rules and codes by which it operates. Advertising companies use these conventions to help them make an advert that will attract the target audience.

Advertising companies use bright colours to attract the reader’s attention. For the typescript they use dark, bold colours against light backgrounds, and light soft colours against dark backgrounds. The advert normally has a main picture or image to convey a message. These properties make adverts more eye-catching to buyers. The Adverts that I will be analysing are as follows: 1. Vanishing Point Game Advert 2. Gran Turismo 3 Game Advert 3. Club Call Interactive Football 4. Nokia logos and ringtones 5. Samsung YP-NEU mp3 digital audio player Vanishing Point Game Advert

This advert is a racing computer game for the Playstation 2. The advert is takes up half the page and has a main background image that is taken from the game. The image shows a car in a tunnel that appears to be coming towards the reader. In the top-left hand corner, there is the logo for the game and the title of the game underneath it. In the top-right hand corner there is the logo for the company who wrote the game. At the bottom of the advert there is a slogan which says ‘find the vanishing point’ and information about the source of the image. The images on this advert are bright and are crisp.

Gran Turismo 3 Game Advert The advert is for a computer racing game for the Playstation 2. The advert is spread across two pages. The whole advert is taken up by one single image. The image is a real time picture of a Jaguar XJ 220 on the road. On one page there is just the car, on the second page there is small white text box with the Gran Turismo logo in it. There is information on the games graphics in the text box. The typescript in the text box is small and bold. Sony’s web address is located at the bottom of the text box. Below the image is the Playstation 2 logo in plain white typescript; it is the largest sized typescript in the advert.

Club Call Interactive Football This advert is for a football information service. It is a full-page spread with a main background image. The background image of the advert fades vertically from green to purple and shows 2 people playing football. The advert is focused on informing the reader about the website address that is printed in large typescript in the middle of the advert and further down the advert.

The company’s logo is at the bottom of the page that has a slogan underneath it that says ‘football down the line’. At the very bottom of the advert there is information about the companies telephone service which includes the phone number and teletext page. In the centre of the advert there is also some information about what the company offers. It says ‘breaking news. Exclusive interviews, interactive competitions and chat, and authoritative content on 92 clubs.

Nokia Logos And Ringtones This advert is for a company that offers mobile phone ringtones and logos. It takes up half a page and is very bright and vibrant. The majority of the advert is taken up by a selection of logos that have reference numbers by the side of them. To the left of the advert there is information about the service that includes ordering info, call charges, and what the company offers. At the top of the advert there is a logo for the company, a phone number, and a banner saying ‘Nokia logos & ringtones’.

Samsung YP-NEU mp3 digital audio player This advert is for a digital mp3 audio player. The advert has the title ‘Teenage chic’ which tells us that it is aimed at the youth market. There is a digital image of a teenage girl wearing the player and an enlarged image of the player next to her. On the left hand side of the image there is a large block of text describing the good and bad points about the player, and a star rating. The price of the product and web address to order it from are at the top of the advert. Specifications of the product are given at the bottom of the advert. The typescript is small for the entire advert apart from the heading and product name that is larger and bolder. This makes it stand out from the body text.

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