Write a detailed analysis of two or more advertisements

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Write a detailed analysis of two or more advertisements, showing what techniques the advertiser uses to persuade an audience and evaluating how successfully this is accomplished. Pay particular attention to the use of language, but also referring to layout, Images and graphics The Adverts The adverts that I will be discussing are two adverts from a series by Volkswagen. These adverts were both taken from “evo” car magazine. This is a car lover’s magazine and especially as these two adverts came from the Car of the year edition, a lot of people would have seen these adverts. The two adverts are promoting used Volkswagens. I will be describing both of the adverts separately and then taking about them together at the end.

The Magazine “Evo” the magazine that these adverts were found in is one of the most popular car magazines on sale today. The two adverts were situated just after the contents pages this means that these adverts will probably be in one of the best places to be seen. The advantage of placing the adverts nearer the front of the magazine than towards the back is that people usually skip the back and so will probably miss the back adverts.

Advert 1- Language Used The catchphrase of this advert is “Not all parts last forever. Fortunately, Air Fresheners are easy to replace.” This is displaying humor so that the reader of the advert is drawn into it. The use of the first sentence “Not all parts last forever” Makes you think about the advert before you read the next part. This may be leading the reader to think that the car is not that good and it may only last a short period of time before it has to be changed. The next sentence is the punch line showing the humor in the advert. “Fortunately, Air Fresheners are easy to replace.” This is saying that the car is so reliable that the only thing that has to be changed is the air freshener. This is a very clever title amusing the reader whilst promoting the car.

At the bottom of the page the Volkswagen used car phrase is written. “Not your typical used car.” This is reiterating what was said earlier on it the advert that the car is reliable, special even. What else is being said is that the car is above all of its competitors in that field, are not at the same standard as that of Volkswagen used cars. Layout The layout of this advert is very simplistic. It uses a clear font so that the advert is easy to read. The details are at the bottom really separated from the main advert, which is a good technique so that the details are away from the advert. This separates them from the advert making a clear border. Some adverts put the details in to the advert which usually does not show up well. So this was good decision by the designers of the advert.

Image The image used for this advert is related to the advert well. The part of the title “Not all parts last forever.” This ties in a lot with the picture of the junk yard behind it. In front it shows an Audi going down the street beside the yard. Advert 2- Language used This title to this advertisement is “Volkswagens rarely look their age. Something we’ve noticed a lot of people are keen on.” This advert like the last is using humor to sell the product. The overall title is saying how the Car is contemporary and over the years to come will not look aged like many other cars. And then goes on to say that they know that most people don’t want to look their age tying into the picture. The title is portraying the humorous side and is trying to relax the reader whilst still making an impact. This is a very good way to promote the car to the driving members of the public.

Layout As this advertisement is in a series it is very much laid out in the same style as the other advert. It has the same clear font and a clear border between the details and the main advert. This makes the reader concentrate more on the advert and also it is a more aesthetically pleasing than many other adverts Image This image is a ladies hair salon with the car in the background. This ties in with the title. Saying that many people want to look younger and so they try to make themselves look more appealing. The ladies hair salon is a very good setting and is very useful. Still it is a very clean design and works very well.

Both Adverts As I have said before both of these adverts are in a series. This is a very good plan. Readers of certain magazines may find these adverts amusing and find more of these they may get to the stage where they are looking for these adverts in the magazines. Therefore readers know the product and if they were considering buying a car these adverts may stand out in their mind and they might buy the Volkswagen.

Both of these adverts are both recognizable and follow the same scheme. The titles are catchy and interesting overall these are two good adverts. Peugeot 206CC This advert is a contrast to the series adverts from Volkswagen. This is a single advert that is not part of a series. This advert really needs to stand out more than the series adverts because it is basically standing alone. This advert was found on the back cover of “evo”magazine.

Language Used The title to this advert is “Looks just as good in the wet” this is commenting on the looks of the car. This is from the picture because it is showing the reflection. It is selling the product with the lifestyle approach. Saying this car is glamorous and is the new style of car. This is showing the people what they need, not what they want.

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