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The form uses a lot of ways of conducting the information for example check boxes, bullet points and written text space etc. The layout looks good on the page and it looks very professional and information can be easily obtained. The font used for the questions is very small and the reader could find it difficult to read. Skills and experience section of the form has a large gap for applicants to fill in which has a great amount of white space which is not necessary. This could lead to some people not filling in the form, as they would get put off by looking at the white space.

The application form itself is straightforward and easy instructions are given for the applicant to follow, which is an advantage to both the applicant and Thomas Cook, because data would be clearly stated and therefore Thomas Cook would find it easier to collate the application forms and to draw up a shortlist. Most the questions on the application form are relevant however there is one question under the skills and experience section of the form, which may be a bi persona for some applicants and therefore may get the wrong impression. The application is designed in the way that the user doesn’t have any trouble filling it in.

an example of this being done is by using step by step methods and instructions as to how to fill the form in. The first page explains the details of how to fill in the form etc. we can easily conduct that Thomas Cook follow the Laws and Legislations as it is stated on the application about the health declaration which is very important information required by a firm. The particular section of the form is displayed in bullet point form, which helps the applicant understand the information in a simpler way. The declaration at the end suggests key points that need to be signed and agreed by the applicant and the employer.

This is stated quite clearly. As well as strengths in the application form there are some weaknesses. One of them is that some of the boxes supplied are not big enough for the required information to be filled in. There are boxes provided which give a limited of space to write in. an perfect example of this is the boxes supplied for filling in the qualifications are not big enough as some applicants have more qualifications than others I have realised that the form is missing an important part in the application form, which was the equal opportunities.

This is mentioned but there is an option for the applicant to fill that section in or not. This data is necessary for the business (Thomas Cook) to consider, hence there should not have been an option for filling that section in. The part below named ‘origin,’ I would say is not placed in the right place in the application form. This section should have been placed towards the beginning of the form. In general I believe some information is not relevant in the form and the layout of where each section is could be switched around.

Apart from that, that layout style and the techniques used are professional and suite the type of document. Job Description – The document uses bullet points, which gives the document a smart professional look. The document is short, simple and precise. The necessary information is mentioned however because it is simplified in bullet points, etc, there could be important information missed out. An example of important information that was missed out is that who to report.

This is very important as this will not inform the applicants about who their line manager is, who they should report to and what their position is within the business therefore this job description should have more relevant information. The language used in this job description is very formal and straight to the point however as I mentioned above more relevant information may be required. The layout of the job description is very clear and the language used is easily understood and many applicants may find this sort of layout more manageable to read as paragraphs of job description may be boring.

The legislations are being followed in the job description, as they don’t mention anything that may be discriminating against applicants however even though the job description is not discriminating against the applicants this organisation also expects applicants to follow legislations in the company. Overall I believe that the job description may need more relevant information that I have mentioned above. PC World Recruitment Documents Analysis Job advert- The purpose of this Add was to advertise the vacancy of career support worker.

The target audience is anyone who is obviously above 16, as it is by law that a person cannot work until he reaches the age of 16. There is simple language used to persuade and inform the people to come along for this job. There is simple language used to get the point through to their intended audience easily and effectively. There are some disadvantages in the job advert as it is supposed to be a formal document but it uses informal techniques to get the message across. An example of this is the text size and font style.

The font style is comic sans and the size is a lot big and doesn’t give it that professional look that it was supposed to have. However on the other hand it does pull the reader to answer the questions that it provides for example it stars of by saying are you? And then there is sub headings saying a good listener, Flexible? Etc. However when it comes to answers the text as I have mentioned spoils the over all layout and the job advert is short and simple but it can’t be that short as there is some information that is missed out or may no be missed out but might well be small to read.

For example when looking at the advert the first thing that attracts you is the job title. I would say this is important but I would also say the name of the business should also be as big as the job title that is written on the top centre of the page. Later I find out that the business was not mentioned at all. There are some more disadvantages such as there I not any formal finishing touches such as a logo. The Job advert should have at least had this because some people could have figured out where the job advert was sent from. This would have given it that professional business like look.

The fact that the text was kept constant throughout the advert is a good point as it gives it that business like professional look. However as I have mentioned, this should have been in a smaller font size and a formal font style. Everything was adjusted to the left side of the paper, but the address at the bottom was cantered. Making it stand out. Another point I have realized, is that the advertisement doesn’t provide any sort of contact, which is a very bad point and this could lead to a lot of problems and errors. The background colour is blue and is also stayed the same throughout the page.

This is also a formal technique used. Border was used as the finishing touch to the add, making it look more professional and suitable for the target audience. However the job advert doesn’t use any pictures or graphics apart of text. The advert does not comply with some of the legislations such as data act. This act explains, data should be presented clearly, hoverer this add doesn’t even mention what business it is! Person Specification – The purpose of this advertisement was to advertise for a vacancy for till work at Asda. The document has been set up very well and is very neat and tidy.

Everything is in its place. For example the document actually starts of with text and then tables are used to describe the needs and wants they want in that person. A factor box is used, in which all the headings are listed and then there is an essential, column where it mention what the person should have and the desirable columns which suggests extra things that a person could have. The layout of the document is very good and straight forward and simple to consider. There is clear headings above each column making it stand out to the rest of the table.

The grey background colour of the headings above each column also highlights that they are headings. The text is very formal and a smaller font size is used, which gives it that formal business look. The language is very simple and could be easily read. It easily understood by the target audience. Everything is covered that a applicant should be aware of. The document does comply with the laws and legislation. The personal specification has a clear business title and the job title is stated clearly on the centre of the page. As mentioned above all the formal techniques are mentioned.

There are a few disadvantages. One of them is that there should have been some contacts on the footer just encase the applicant doesn’t have any other documents or data from where he/she could read the contacts from. The header would also give it that formal look. A picture would also make the personal specification look a little bright. Although the three colours used black, grey and white are a formal type; I think by having some bright colours would also be appealing to the reader. The document follows the laws and legislation and doesn’t discriminate anyone in any way.

The layout is set on 1 A4 page and is very precise. The same font style and size is used throughout the document Application Form – The purpose was to basically find out information about the applicant wanting to apply for the job. All the necessary data is mentioned. The document is uses sections to split up various parts of the application form. They are then alphabetically labelled in order. For example ‘Part A, Part B’ etc until ‘Part H, which is the declaration. Besides the Alphabets the sub heading is also written to briefly clarify what the section is about.

All the tables are separated from each section. The same font style and size is used constantly throughout the pages of the application form. The font style and size is good and suitable for the type of document. However the application it self consumes about five pages long. Which could put the readers (applicants) off by just looking at how long it is. On the other hand all the boxes required to fill are necessary for the business to find out about which is a good point. This could have been made better if it was to be all on three pages but then I’m thinking it would be cramped.

The logo of the business is situated on the top right hand side of the first page of the application form. This is good technique used as the business name is not written so therefore having a logo would remind readers to know where the application form is from. Everything is covered in the application form and all the things that are mentioned do not discriminate anyone in any sort of way. Different ways of collating information is used to make life easier for the applicant and the employer. For example tick boxes are used where necessary.

The document looks very formal and I would say there are many advantages then disadvantages within the document. Some of the disadvantages include having big lump amount of spaces for applicants to fill that section in where not needed so much. This is probably why the application form ended up being five pages, due to the fact there were a lot of white space required for the applicants to fill in. an example of this is under Part E, where it requires the candidate to write about the skills and experiences he/she has. There is a full page for the applicant to right about this.

This is not a very good thing as applicants could be put off by looking at the great amount of space or might think we need to fill this white space in and then from there they may start written crap that has already been mentioned. This would therefore lead to a waste of time for the applicant and the employer who is reading it. Job description – The purpose of this document is basically to inform the applicant about the tasks that he/she will be handling etc. The document is fitted on to two A4 sheets of paper. It uses the same font style and size through out the document except for the heading, which is named Computer Operator.

The document is also separated by borders for each section. Headings are also on top of each section. These are printed in black, bold capital letters. This makes the document look professional and it is reader friendly. By this I mean the applicant would find it easy if he/she was to look up something quickly. The use of numbered points also makes it easier for the applicant to understand. The layout as a whole is perfectly set and is very simple and straightforward. Under each heading there are numbered points. This is a very good technique as then applicants wouldn’t get put off when they see a neat tidy document.

However if everything was there in paragraph then readers may get put off. Some of the disadvantages include that the it should have been fitted on one page due to the fact that there was only about four lines on the next page. This would therefore make it look much more professional. Having used numbered points throughout this recruitment document may mean that some parts may be missed out. Apart from this everything is fine and the document complies with the laws and legislation and does not discriminate anyone in anyway.

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