Working Mothers

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Nowadays, more and more women work outside the home, which affects many people positively or negatively. Germaine Greer, the Australian feminist, said, “Most women still need a room of their own and the only way to find it may be outside their own homes. ” If it is true, can it be done without having a negative effect on the family? One point in favour of mothers working is that their children often learn to be independent from an early age, which can only be help them in the future. Also, in many families, the man’s salary alone is not enough to cover all household expenses.

Thus, the need for extra income arises, and the woman has to work. Moreover, working outside the home gives a woman a sense of her own personal identity and self-confidence. A woman who stays at home will always be known as “John’s wife” and not as a person in her own right. On the other hand, child care is expensive. Therefore, a large proportion of the money a working mother earns will be sent on childcare. What is more, if both parents are out working all day, they only see their children for a few hours in the evening. This can have a negative effect, as children may start to see their parents as strangers.

Finally, working mother usually has to look after both the children and home in her spare time, so she is actually doing two jobs instead of one, which can be very tiring. She may also miss out on important events in her children’s lives, such as their first words. To sum up, there are many arguments both for and against mothers working. Every family is different and what is good for one family may not necessarily be good for another. Taking everything into account, it should be left to the individual mother to decide whether working or not is something that she wants to do.

Working women’s lives continue to receive criticism in many societies and are frequently debated in the national media. In recent decades,the dominant international view has been that working women have definite benefits for themselves and their families. However,especially in Turkey,it is still open to questions. Opinions are divided as to working women have happier lives or not,but it is my firm conviction that working women are happier than other women who do not work. To begin with,it may be held that children get less care. Working women,so this argument goes,do not have time for their children sufficiently.

As a consequence,they are expected to be emotionally disadvantaged in lives,that is because they may not have an interest in their children’s problems,they will be unhappy. However, working might actually not lead to unhappiness. Rather,working mothers are an advantage for children since they have economic indepence,so they can meet their children’s needs conveniently and children can go to school better. Housework not done very well,which can be another opposing view. In their assertion,if a woman works,housework is not done regularly. there seems to be some truth in this argument, especially considering fatigue of working many hours.

Yet,one significant point is missed,that is,working women help the family budget. Thus. workers can be kept clean as well as new business area will be opened. Taking everything into consideration, it can be obviously concluded that there is a controversary about subject. Although opponents claim that it has several negative effects for women’s lives and their families, it is my contention that working women have always happier lives. Hence,these points which mentioned above should be born in mind and a step towards women’s working lives should be taken.

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