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Alton Towers must ensure that they have suitable security staff that ensures that the security measures at Alton Towers are available to the public. They must ensure that the public are safe at all times and that employees are able to work in suitable conditions, without any trouble or interferences. This is linked to McClelland’s theory because security staff are motivated by making sure that they have authority within their job roles and that they have power to do certain tasks and responsibilities over certain people.

Also he suggested that achievement was a factor of motivation so that when security staff receives good feedback, they are able to entitlements such as a higher pay or discount vouchers. As pay is not the only motivator for security staff, they are able to interact with the different people and able to receive discounts on attractions such as Merlin. Also, if management take an interest in how they security are operating on a regular basis and taking an interest in their work, this can be linked to Mayo’s theory.

This is because he suggested that employees are not as motivated by pay as much but being able to be recognised for their hard work by management and that they are showing an interest in their workers to see if they are fully equipped. They can also be motivated by having a high standard of security products like more CCTV cameras around Alton Towers so that people would feel more safe in their work place and that their work will be more aware as having cameras at more angles will give them a more detail insight where potential trouble may be.

It will also relieve them from running around and stressing when the extra cameras can show the employees exactly where to go if there was trouble. This can be linked to Hertzberg’s hygiene theory because he suggested that safety around the work place will be a motivator and that employees will be more efficient when working under a safer wok place. It can also be linked to Maslow’s theory as he suggested that safety and protection will motivate the employees to work better. As CCTV cameras are placed around Alton Towers, work is made easier as security can be told where to go in case of an emergency.

This will help save time and the problem can be seen to immediately. Ride attendants The ride attendants at Alton Towers can be linked to Maslow’s theory because they are the ones that are serving their customers on a constant basis. They must be fully trained on how to operate their rides fully and make sure that any technical issues are dealt with as soon as possible. If any machinery is unsuitable for the purpose of Alton Towers or can be dangerous to the public, they have to make sure that the problems is sorted and that members of management are informed.

To reference to Maslow’s theory, he suggested that employees need to be protected at all times and that relevant communication with superiors will motivate employees to do their work. This will put any doubt in employees’ heads that they are using unsafe machinery and can progress further. Ride attendants are more motivated by making sure that they have the correct resources in order for them to operate their rides. As the rides are electronically controlled, they must have the correct technology in order for their rides to run smoothly.

This can be linked to Mayo’s theory as he suggested that management interacting with their employees and making sure that they are performing to the level that are expected from them. This can only be done if the management of Alton Towers can provide adequate resources to their employees and making sure that they provide it to their ride attendants. This will motivate them to work as the employees requesting something will be delivered by management, the employees will feel acknowledged. Ride attendants all also motivated by increased job security.

They should not have to reapply for their job as it should be ready for them next time they are asked to work. This is because they will already have the experience to work under Alton Towers. This is linked to Hertzberg’s theory as who suggested that job security was a motivator and that employees will be motivated to work better if they know that their jobs are secure. This can also be linked to Maslow as he suggested in hi hierarchy chart that employees will feel more comfortable in working for a job that is secure and not on a one off basis. D1 Introduction

In this section, I will find out the different ways in which to improve motivation at Alton Towers and how they can use them to help motivate their employees. This will benefit an organisation such as Alton Towers as if they have their employees motivated to do their work, the result will be efficient in terms of profit that lead to Alton towers. If employees are de-motivated, they are very likely to be lazy towards their work and would prefer to do a below standard job rather than put in the extra hard work. Recommendation and justifications The ways to motivate employees at Alton Towers are:

1) Alton Towers have to ensure that any feedback relating to an employee is kept confidential. Any comments or any issues raised by an employee are kept in discretion, rather than discussing these matters out loud. This could motivate their staff as the employees know that if they put forward any ideas or issues forward, in which they do not want to be identified for, they have to trust of Alton Towers to keep the matter in safe hands. This is linked to the theory of Hertzberg. As employees are motivated by certain factors that are to be introduced by Alton Towers, this could motivate them to work harder.

If employees at Alton Towers receive regular feedback, they are able to improve themselves in areas were they are least performing and improve on that. Hertzberg suggested this as employees are given the power to voice their concerns and able to put forward any suggestions on areas of improvement at Alton Towers. This can also be linked to Mayo’s theory as he suggested that employees interacting with their management will motivate them work as the employees will feel more acknowledged, and that their work will be respected.

The employees who want to put forward these suggestions can do so by organising a intra-organisational group in which employees will be able to discuss their suggestions and see whether they will be suitable for the particular problem. Employees can also be given more information at these groups as they can provide advice to the employees and see whether any of the suggestions will work for Alton Towers. 2) Alton towers must ensure that any employees that do not perform to the standard required must be given close attention to.

Alton Towers must not allow personal relationships such as friends to interfere in the workforce. They must also make sure that if any employee that is not performing, they must come in line for criticism. This is because the employee must understand what they are not performing well and must push themselves a little further to get the work done. Management should provide positive feedback on a regular basis so that the employees understand in which areas they are performing well at and in which areas those need looking into.

This is linked to Maslow’s theory as he suggested that employees are motivated by factors relating to his hierarchy of needs. As employees are motivated to work harder and achieve a higher job status (promotion), this is linked to Maslow as he suggested that status and recognition will be a motivator. This is linked to this as employees are paid closer attention to b y their superiors and given tasks in which they expect employees to improve on. This can also be based on Mayo’s theory as he also suggested that employee interaction with management can be a motivator as their work is acknowledged by their superiors.

3) As the employees are the main face at Alton Towers, any problems they have faced during the working time at Alton Towers, their experience and observations can be put forward to make sure the same problem is not reoccurring. As this problem is left unattended, the performance will be affected and employees will be left to blame as profit will suffer. As Alton Towers will involve their employees more into the decisions of the organisation, the employees will feel more wanted and therefore, they will perform to a higher standard, as they are well looked after.

This can be linked to either Maslow or Mayo. Elton Mayo’s theory suggested that if employees are concerned or have any problems, they are able to interact with the superiors for guidance and help. This is motivated by having better social needs that are gained at Alton Towers. Maslow on the other hand suggested that the sense of belonging on his hierarchy chart showed that this is one of the factors that will motivate employees. If staff are unable to come to a solution, they will be de-motivated to work and the level of production will be in decline.

4) Alton Towers should provide actual performance feedback on a regular basis in which staffs are able to keep track of their progress. Some employees may go unnoticed within the organisation and therefore, they may miss out on important information and whether or not they are performing at the level that is required by Alton Towers. By having feedback on a regular basis, employees can keep track of their performances and see whether they can maintain or improve their current performances. This will motivate staff to work towards their own personal goals and be rewarded by bonuses or promotions.

This can be linked to Maslow’s hierarchy as he suggested that self esteem will help to motivate employees. If employees are respected and have the sense of belonging with the work they produce, management should acknowledge their employees so that they can work harder. As working towards goals can eventually lead to a pay rise or a bonus, this can also be linked to Taylor’s theory as employees will be motivated to work hard to receive a financial benefit at the end, this being a bonus or any kind of financial incentive.

It can also be said that this is linked to Mayo’s theory as employees are not motivated as much be pay but by social needs as well. These making sure that employee interact with management on a positive basis. 5) Alton Towers would want that their employees keep a good working relationship with the superiors in line. They could achieve this by managers paying more attention to their employees and making sure that the language they use is appropriate in terms that the other person won’t be offended by or to be joking around all the time.

If Alton Towers’ managers used foul language and treated their employees inappropriately by slaving them around all the time, their employees will be de-motivated to work for the organisation and may look somewhere else for work. If the staffs are treated in a friendly, working manner, employees will be more eager to do their jobs as they have a bonded relationship with their superiors. This is most likely to be linked with Elton Mayo’s theory as he suggested that having good communication with superiors will be a motivator for employees to feel acknowledged within Alton Towers.

He also said that if management were more involved with their employees, this would lead to a better understanding with them and therefore, this would prove employees to be work harder. 6) Alton Towers must ensure that their employees do not have any rifts between them as this can affect them as working as a team and may cause the employees to be more avoidant of each other. Any criticism or comments should be performance related and be able to back up their thoughts in a thorough manner, not suggested remarks that are pointed out employees personally.

Concrete detail must be provided to back up their claim and be able to express on how the improvements can be made. This can help motivate staff at Alton Towers, as the employees may work more openly and freely and be able to work as a unit, rather than an individual. Being part of a group will allow an individual to perform to the standards of the other employees around them. This can be linked to either Mayo or Maslow’s theories. Mayo suggested that employees by social needs and not money alone.

However, if employees be involved in personal rifts between them, the sense of them socialising between will be endangered and would not be able to work at the standard that is required for them. This can be linked to Maslow’s theory as he suggested that employees are motivated by the having job security and social aspects at Alton Towers. Employees will know that any rifts caused by other employees will danger themselves in retaining their jobs and can be concluded by receiving a bad reference.

If any of the factors on Maslow’s hierarchy will lead to employees being de-motivated to work. Conclusion In this report, I have found out the different motivation theories in which Alton Towers can use to help motivate their employees. I have found out ways that could benefit the organisation on a whole and how they can be used on the day to day basis. I have also found out that which motivating theories are linked to certain jobs that are available at Alton Towers and how they can use different techniques to help out their motivating factor towards their working employees.

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