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I certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own. Learner signature: Date: P1 outline key features of legislation and regulation on health and safety as applied to working conditions in a selected manufacturing organization and a service provider. Legislation and Regulations The workplace health and safety regulations cover a wide range of basic health and safety issues and apply to most places. They are amended by the Quarries regulation 1999 and the health and safety regulation 2002.

The regulations aim to ensure that work places meet the health and safety needs of all members of a work force, including people with disabilities, which parts of the workplace should be made accessible for disabled people. Requirements under these regulations is that employers have a general duty under section 2 of the health and safety at work act 1974 to ensure, the health and safety of their employees at work. The regulations expand on these duties and are intended to protect the health and safety of everyone in the workplace and ensure that adequate facilities are provided for people at work.

All hotels needs to make sure that their guest are staying in a health and safety environment. For the Marriot hotels they have their common hazards that is associated with their hotels here are some of the hazards that you will come across. Portable Electrical Appliances In hotel rooms, portable electrical appliances such as hairdryers, kettles, irons and televisions require assessments. Regular inspection and testing is important as these items are subject to much wear and tear.

Workplace bulling is the ‘The less favorable treatment of a person by another or others in the workplace, which may be considered unreasonable and inappropriate workplace practice’. It includes sexual harassment, discrimination and behavior that intimidates, offends, degrades or humiliates a worker, possibly in front of co-workers, clients or customers. BAT takes a very serious view of all acts of violence and or physical assault. Behavior of this type may lead to instant dismissal, Police involvement and be dealt with under the criminal code.

This unwelcomed activity in a workplace may cause the loss of trained and talented employees, reduce productivity, moral and create legal risks. This company believes that all employees should be able to work in an environment free from all forms of harassment. Directors and Team Leaders must ensure employees are not put at risk or disadvantaged by the actions of others in the workplace The directors encourage all staff to report workplace bulling. Team Leaders and Managers are to make sure those employees who make complaints, or who witness an act of bulling are not victimized.

Any reports of inappropriate behavior will be treated seriously and investigated promptly, confidentially and impartially. Sexual harassment policies It is the policy of BAT to provide a workplace that is free from sexual harassment and to uphold all laws pertaining to sexual harassment. All team members employed by this company are expected to abide by the relevant rules and regulations. The Queensland Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 and the federal Sex Discrimination Act 1984 prohibits sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is illegal and BAT does not tolerate it.

Sexual Harassment is very serious. It is any form of unwanted, unwelcomed or uninvited sexual behavior, which is or might be offensive, humiliating, intimidating or embarrassing to another person. Sexual harassment can take various forms and be obvious or indirect, physical or verbal. Conduct of this nature does not have to be repeated or continuous to be against the law. Some actions are so offensive they constitute sexual harassment without being repeated. There is strong scientific evidence that passive smoking is hazardous to health.

In accordance with its legal obligations to protect the health and safety of those who work and visit this site, BAT has developed the following smoke-free workplace policy: P2 describe the requirements for a health and safe workplace as applied to the physical environment and equipment used in a selected industry. Managers have legal and more responsibilities to attend to their employee health and safety at work. Managers must introduce and apply safeguards and procedures guaranteeing the physical security and welfare of employees. Working conditions

Polyfarma is Pharmaceutical Company that produce prescribed medication for people in need/ they focus on the physical environment and equipment such as the equipment, the materials, hygiene facilities and also the ventilation system and safety equipment which is important. Polyfarma would have consulted the workplace health and safety legislation governing in the area. They would have to advise their employees of these requirements, by doing that they will need the necessary training and demonstrate clearly there commitments to a healthy and safe work environment.

Government agencies will advise the company on the legally requirements and will want an invitation to review the companies’ procedures and help them develop workable policies. Polyfarma will find an employee willing to assume the role of a health and safety officer; they are demanded on finding an employee on doing that. So the trained employee will play an invaluable role implementing they health and safety program for the company. The building The company has evacuation route in case something goes wrong.

The floor is special the flooring is in concrete and has to different colors on it. The blue section means that the medicine has been produced and is being controlled and the grey section means that this is the warehouse and that you should watch where you are going. Since the products are on wheel carriages the flooring is anti slip so that no one will fall or even the products. A healthy and safe workplace is the responsibility of everyone in the company. Hygiene Company. Is it important the building is kept clean and that the employer and employees are hygienic.

The company works with medicine and this medication will have to be used people who are sick. The building gets clean everyday by a company that send their cleaning crew who is specials in cleaning that type of building since there are four toilet areas for the employees to used they make sure to have it clean with the right type of cleaning supplies. It has soap dispenser in the toilets because it’s appropriate for everyone to wash their hands before entering the cabins to work on medicine.

The offices get cleans, the cabins were we work in get clean every Friday’s this is because sometime it would take us to finish off the products on the next day. , since Friday is the last day of the week, employee make sure before closing time to have products off and prepare for the cleaners to come in and clean the cabins. The company also has an cantine which an employee her self’s washes the dishes and cleans the table at least four time in the day right after break and lunch.

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