Working and Community

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The written works of several social analysts have long assisted in the identification of how work has actually affected the progress of the entire human civilization. Among the writers who have managed to create the connection between the past culture of working and how it directly affected community development is that of W. H. Auden and Robert Coles. These particular writers have had their won backgrounds in dealing with the historical background of the American society’s working class.

True, although they both belonged in different fields of interest, they were able to present the reality behind the development of the working system that existed within the American society then towards the present years. Particularly, in Robert Coles’ writing entitled “The Middle Americans; Proud and Uncertain”, the economic system that existed in America during the 1970’s towards the early 1980’s had been well featured. Not all of the people in the society realize that the American society also holds at least 45% of its population down within its poverty lines.

Media presentations have mostly introduced America to the world as a very prosperous country that is capable of actually handling a large number of population because of the wealth that they have based on the reports that the press are usually releasing. (Coles, 15) However, it could still not be denied that there are certain groups of people within the territories of the said country that dreadfully need attention from the government. These groups are the focus of Coles in handling the presentation of his discussions in the said published writing.

People primarily view America as a large and wealthy country. All the while, there are those people who struggle so much for their lives just to be able to survive everyday. These are the working poor society. they are referred to by Coles as those belonging to the Sisyphean which includes teachers who are underpaid although they are overworked from their professions everyday. They are indeed trying their best to do noble things that are sustainable for the society’s progress and yet their efforts are not paid well.

Sadly, these people’s lives and personal relationships are laying on the line everyday. They are the ones, who, for some way might loose everything that they have with one simple mistake that they do within the particular cycle of activities that they need to deal with daily. It is impeccable to think that the government of the said country has mostly disregarded this particular situation thus giving it lesser attention that what it actually needs.

People begin to complain, however, with the systems that are being applied within the territories of the American society, these people remain as invisible as they already are. The plague is growing and the situation becomes more disturbing than ever. Considerably, as the great depression approached during the 1970’s, simply working for the basic needs of a regular individual becomes one of the hardest part of one’s day.

Understandably though, even though this was the situation back then, Coles effectively presented how the said families afflicted by the situation were actually able to survive the challenges through living within their means. They worked hard to be able to feed their families. Undoubtedly, the approach of the American society today towards work and career had been strongly influenced by the history’s implication within the culture of regular American workers. Considerably, this particular culture of having serious concern for one’s career had been sourced out from the trying times back then.

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