Work History

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Specialization increases competitiveness of the workforce, due to the fact that people are not needed to be masters of different tasks but to achieve sharp skills in their field. This can be considered as one of the major changes in trend between the early American workforce and the present state of the labor system. In terms of the importance of the workers, the said trend can be considered to decrease the management’s need for the workers on the basis of the different issues. One is the fact that there is high rate of unemployment.

Although skills are required to perform tasks, specialization can be achieved through training. It is a matter of choice between being able to train the workers or the provision of the proper wages and compensation. The trend with regards to the worth of individual workers and their skills continued to decrease towards the modern era. In the 18th century, workers are regarded with importance but through the course of history, lifelong services are even unadvisable due to the fact that labor managements have decreasing trend in provision of benefits to the workers.

The quality of relationship between the workers and the labor management continuously deteriorate. Due to this trend, unions were established to be able to assess and uphold the needs of the workers. In 1883 then, regimentation was considered as one of the main solution to the needs of the workers, both in recognition of their rights and for proper compensation. Another important issue that can be considered to have modified the labor system through course of history is the changes and improvement in technology. Machinery is one of the most important forms of technology that is applied in the work system.

Through the course of history, the need and the necessity for the use of technology and machinery can be considered to continuous increase. This trend even causes the decrease in the need for human workers. This again can play an important influence in the livelihood of the working class. It had been one of the most common notion that machine will replace the laborers such as factory workers. This trend seemed to be fulfilled gradually through the observation of the modern state of the manufacturing industries and the systems.

Due to the said trend, the working class is often against the industrialization and the use of machinery. Although initially upon the introduction of such machineries in the production process, the main purpose is to be able to lessen the load of the workers and to help them lighten their job, the trend inevitably lead to the decrease in the needed quantity of workers. Upon analysis there are also benefits and disadvantages of the advancement the technology specifically in production facilities and machineries.

Benefits can be attributed to the output, similar to that in relation to specialization. On the other hand, it can replace the need for human workers. These concepts are included in the important issues that were faced by the labor systems through the course of the 18th and 19th century, is still a main trend in the present state of the work systems. The concepts of specialization and the application of machineries can be considered to be a necessity through the course of the work history. The utilization and application of such concepts are needed for profitability.

Related issues and concepts are being developed to be able to have the maximization of the resources that are inputted in the system. The main goal of the trends in work system can be mainly based on the perspective of profitability. But through the process, the work force can be considered as the group who is most susceptible to the detrimental effects and disadvantages. Aside form the fact that employment can be considered as the main source of livelihood in the modern era, concepts such as specialization and the use of technologies and machineries decreases the need for the increasing members of the working class.

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