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For work experience, I had been placed in a small organisation which was based mainly through the use of IT and communication via phone to assist business use. The small organisation involved few people specialising in that sort of field in the same workplace. This included an artist who worked on the logos and other related uses to art using trademark programs such as “Adobe PhotoShop” and other specialist software’s such as “Adobe Premier” and “CorelDraw”, which aids them to more accurate drawings and more options to what the output result comes to.

The organisation also interacts with each other and show they are working together in different criteria’s to gain the targeted aim(s). The organisation uses techniques to earn more profits and business from the public by the following processes such as:-

– Working with the newest printing/embroidery techniques

– Working with the latest fashion lines – always on the ball

– Working in favour of our client’s needs

– Working in a relaxed and friendly manner

– Working on time, to price and to a tight schedule

– Working when you play!

This assures the customer or client to be at peace of all tension towards frequently asked questions (FAQ) and worries if they are using their money in the wrong place. The use of ICT in a small organisation would be easy to conduct as the same as a bigger organisation. The small organisation could send emails and talk via LAN, even though it could be told in person or by phone whereas if it was the bigger organisation, finding the person could be a little difficult so it is easier to send an email through an organisation email server which is specially maintained for email use.

At the same time, it also depends on the type of business such as if it as retail; ICT wouldn’t be much of a great use then to contact clients or to send emails to customers. ICT mostly backs up organisations that manufacture or use ICT as their primary resource for their communication or for other helping needs. Also the main need would be to process word processing documents, spreadsheets, databases and presentations on the local office network, hard drive or the internet itself. The internet was connected at 5. 5 mbps from British Telecom as the provider of the connection. The telephone exchange was around 10 – 15 minutes away by walk.

The further the exchange is, the slower the speeds. Although Event Merchandising Limited, is an international establishment it only holds around 14 – 16 people in the UK branch from the possible two. This small organisation has a branch in USA and the UK. Event Merchandising Limited was a family business of Goldsmiths which were from Jewish backgrounds. The main owner who established Event! passed it on to his elder son. In the past 25 years, this organisation has evolved from one branch to another and recruitment process is still going on to find the perfect match to their needs in area of expertise.

To apply for a job at Event! This can be done through their website hosted on their own private server via emailing your curriculum vitae. This prevents the public coming in for a one to one interview for the job and in case they are not capable for the job it would be a misuse of time for the employer and the person wishing to apply for the job. To send the CV by the aid of internet, it would be a quicker procedure and it would save time as they can quickly filter their sorts to what the company is looking for.

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