Womens Events In Gymnastics

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There are typically four women events in artistic gymnastics. These include Vault, Uneven Bars, Floor Exercise and Balance Beam.

In case of vaulting events, the woman gymnast will generally use a runway which is generally 25 meter long and will jump into a springboard or a beat board. A sprinting down movement of the gymnast will be observed in this case. The gymnast will then land momentarily on the board. The gymnast will keep herself inverted on her hands that will be kept on either the vaulting table or the vaulting horse. The gymnast will now ensure to spring off from the platform and will ensure to reach a two footed landing.

Some of the somersaults and multiple Salto moves may be included as a part of the post flight segment. The most common type of vaulting events that have been seen with the women gymnasts are the vaults of round-off entry type. In this type of round-off entry vaulting, a round-off motion is seen to be performed by the gymnast such that the hands of the gymnast are on the runway while the feet of the gymnast have actually landed on the beat board or springboard. In this case, the gymnast is able to come back to her feet with the help of the post flight segment. The use of the various somersaulting and twisting combinations may also be made in this case.

Earlier in these vaulting events the use of the vaulting horse was made which was replaced by a much safer vaulting table in the year 2001. This new apparatus which was so started to be used was definitely recognized to be much longer, wider and also more stable in nature. As a result of the addition of this more stable apparatus, even the women gymnasts are now attempting to perform further more difficult and also some of the most challenging vaults.

In case of the Uneven bars event, the female gymnasts are known to make use of the horizontal bars while performing a routine. These two horizontal bars are generally placed on the different heights. The material that is used for making these horizontal bars is fiberglass. These bars are also covered in wood laminate. In the earlier times, the bars that were involved as a part of this event were made up of wood but then there was always a risk of breaking involved in them and thus the newer technologies were adopted and through the adoption of these newer form of technologies, it was also possible to even adjust the width of the different bars successfully. Using these horizontal bars, the different types of movements that are exhibited by the gymnasts include transitional and release moves, circling, swinging and transitional moves. In case of this event, a handstand may be used to pass the different types of movements.

The routines that are well choreographed in nature are also performed by the gymnasts as a part of this event. These routines generally include different types of turns, somersaults, leaps, etc. Several types of acrobatic skills are also displayed as a part of these movements.

The events involving floor exercises are generally performed on large plywood which is covered by hard foam and there are springs and foam blocks also supporting this plywood. Another type of event performed by the women gymnasts is Balance Beam.

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