Women in India

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Woman must not accept; she must challenge. She must not be awed by that which has been built up around her; she must reverence that woman in her which struggles for expression. – Margaret Sanger You must learn to be still in the midst of activity and to be vibrantly alive in repose. – Indira Gandhi First and foremost, exemplary punishment would be the best method of sending the correct message throughout the society. Potential criminals will be deterred once they see that justice is done and it is done within a time framework. Secondly, skewed sex ratio is bound to bring crimes into picture.

India needs to be educated that girls should be allowed to live. Killing girls in the womb must be stopped. Again, exemplary punishment to the offenders will go a long way in improving the situation. Education, correct representation of women in media, transparency in social interaction of the two genders, liberal and accepting attitudes, and most importantly a speedy and strong justice system will go a long way in ensuring safety of girls in our country. Our cities are not quite safe for the Indian women, especially the girls who have to leave the four walls of their houses either for work or for studies.

The situation becomes more worse when the women have to work for late hours at night due to the exigencies of their service. Delhi, the capital of the country has become a crime city where at least one girl is raped at every day on the average. The situation calls for drastic action both on the part of the police and the society at large to reduce the incidence of rape. The punishment for rape ought to be made more deterrent. The police and the authorities responsible to maintain law and order must act fast.

The parents at home, especially the mothers and sisters should give moral lessons to their sons and brothers respectively about the safety of the women. The women themselves should be always on alert about their surroundings when they move about. It is always better to take some defensive training these days But I feel that there are so many crimes apart from rape & molestation that are happening against the women in India. There are girls who are abducted through smaller cities and towns, are bought and sold in metropolitan cities. I ask you, isn’t that another form of rape in itself?

These pimps and johns lure these young girls and kids to help them earn money and transport them to cities like Delhi and Mumbai where they force them into bonded labour and prostitution. A recent study states that India is the worst country for women among the G20 nations. The report suggests that Indian women are not free from violence “It occurs when a man sees a woman as inferior. This has become common in urban areas where men can take refuge under the mask of anonymity. It is male chauvinism, with the man forcing the woman into submission. ” Let’s date back to the yesteryears before women’s liberation was ever heard of.

There were numerious social evils such as Sati, dowry, social outcasting of widows and such, some of which continue till this date in some villages and societies. As a 23-year-old media professional walked towards her office on a chilly morning in Bangalore, she came face to face with her assaulter — a bike-borne man, who slowed down as he got closer to her, spat on her and sped off. The patriarchal nature of Indian society, which even though gives respect to women as they are our mothers and sisters, has greatly hampered both the independence as well as the safety of women.

One of the main reasons of violence against women is the mentality which deems women inferior of men and merely limits their importance to the maintenance of the household, the upbringing of children and pleasing their husbands and serving other members of the family. Since a 23-year-old medical student was gang-raped on a bus in Delhi in December and later died in hospital from her injuries, the issue of rape has been hugely prominent in India. Last week headlines were dominated by the gang rape of a Swiss woman on a cycling holiday in Madhya Pradesh.

In the same week a British woman leapt from her hotel window in the northern city of Agra at 4am to escape the unwanted attention of the hotel manager, who was trying to get into her room. This issue has been raised again but no one is really bothered in this nation to do something about it. Whether she is a college student travelling in some train, a working woman returning home or a housewife walking on a road, from a child of tender years to a lady 65 years of age, no one is safe on top of it Chief Minister of Delhi, Mrs. Sheila Dixit, infamously commented in an interview that Soumaya was trying to be “adventurous” by returning home all alone at such odd hours.

Even in villages, some women as old as 50 years of age have the agony of being tagged as witches and are stripped naked and paraded around in the village. So why is nothing being done except increasing women’s quota to 50 % in parliament, something that hardly matters if the common woman is still unsafe and prone to all kinds of dangers possible in this world. As far as the public is concerned, only a ery small percentage of people present do not want to be “just mute spectators” but want to do something and bring a change around them.

Rest of the so called “proud Indians” and especially our responsible “ministers” who fail to think beyond a hike in their salaries have accepted this miserable situation as a part of how the world is. Even today, leave alone villages where people are uneducated, the educated society or who claims to be in the high class society, opts for abortions of girl child! The only reason that they state is “It is expensive to bring up a girl child. ” How ridiculous? The system has to be changed right from the roots.

When a girl child is born, the first thought is, the parent has to make dowry to get her married off. Aren’t men and their families ashamed to ask for dowries even today? Do they survive on the money from the girl’s house? From inside the womb, till her death, a woman is always faced with danger. In the womb, the chances of being killed, even before seeing light, when being born and growing, she faces harsh brutalities like molestation, abusing, physical and mental tortures and above all a heap of workloads and in old age, just abandoned and still being opened for more brutalities till death.

What a life? We all know the Delhi Rape Case. (Dec 16th 2012) The most brutal rape case ever heard. There were Nation wide protests, debates, and candle lights, everything done by the public to punish the criminals. More than two months have passed now, what has happened? Has all the frustration died down? The law has done nothing severe in this case and to add more shame, there have been lawyers to defend these criminals! How disgusting … the criminals are still out there and they know they would be freed. The poor girl suffered and died a painful death.

The loss is only for her family and loved ones. Everything else is back to normal. This is how our judicial system works. The present scenario is not going to change, but yes the coming generations could definitely make a remarkable difference. The basic understanding that men and women are equal has to start at school levels. Education is a must for all. The government has to come up with strategies where every child gets education. Respecting the opposite sex has to be taught from school levels and parents and teachers have to join hands in this subject.

With proper understanding, exploitation could be reduced to much extend. Women are not sex and child bearing objects, but they are also equally powerful and emotional and a great companion for men and the vice-versa should be made to understand. Once this understanding gets through, half the scenario changes. Next is the judicial system that has to change. Serious consideration and changes in laws for these kinds of brutalism and exploitation has to be brought about. Corrupted officers should be thrown out and punished as an example and efficient ones to be bought in.

Action has to be taken, without looking at face and rules should not be bend for certain classes. Definitely, it would have an impact and the thought of “I can get along, no matter I do” thought would come to a stop. Law should neither favor some, nor be exploited by others. Such laws have to be bought about. And most importantly, the marriage concept of dowry system or demanding for more from the bride’s family should be bought to a stop and that could be possible, when the groom stands for his bride and makes his family understand.

It is not money that matters all the time; a good life partner is what your son should have. Changes do not take place soon or easily, but if each one of us join hands in every possible way that we can and start to make little changes within the family from today, it would gradually get implemented and there would be a better society that respects and understands women, at least for our next generation and generations to come. Women could walk around freely, without the fear of being attacked at anytime, anywhere.

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