Within the entertainment media there is now an acceptance of homosexuality

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First of all I think this issue is highly vary by culture I guess in the Ortodox Arabic world the entertainment media is not even allowed to speak about homosexuality while in other part of the world it is an everyday topic I would say so. The Mediterranean countries like Portugal or Brazil is another maybe more complicated case. But to be clear I would like to debate this question in the terms of the general “western culture” as this is the culture I am the most familiar with and of course put my home country Hungary in the middle of the discussion.

Usually Hungary is a follower of the west and I would say this is true in this particular question as well. In the US and other western countries actors, artists even politicians were “coming out” during the last few years even decades although some people still prefer not (for example sportsmen) maybe because they fear of losing popularity, opportunities and respect. But I think we can definitely speak about a more open-minded society than 20 or 40 years ago.

The entertainment media has a strong word when we are speaking about what is normal. Media has a big influence on people and I think that the media is one of the main factors which led to today’s more accepter thinking. But I wouldn’t go as far to say that today is an acceptance in the entertainment media towards homosexuality. It is openly discussed in the media but in my opinion the entertainment media works a bit different. The whole thing is built around popularity what is big news, and what is good for an individual’s fame.

If “coming out” hurts his/her fame I think they are not open about it, but if it is good for it than just another chance to be on the cover. But homosexuality is definitely no longer a taboo. Meanwhile in Hungary I think most celebrities are prefer to “stay in the closet”. I don’t want to get into politics but before the right wing side emerged I think Hungary was on the same road as the “west”. Now I think some people are afraid of this close-minded and sometimes violent group so they prefer not to be on the spotlight about their homosexuality.

Although the entertainment media itself maybe doesn’t changed but I would say that our progress towards the acceptance of homosexuality slowed because of this. This is a very complex question and different in every culture and every field as well. Above I just tried to examine it in a general point of view but acceptance is a difficult thing. It is an open topic for sure but I think the complete acceptance would be that it is not a topic anymore.

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