William Shakespeare was an English playwright and poet who lived in the late 1500’s and early 1600’s

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His plays are now performed all over the world in hundred of languages, and he is known as one of the greatest writers of all time. The reason his work is so popular is, Shakespeare wrote about human nature and how people behave. Although his words can be hard to understand, his ideas are as relevant now as they were four centuries ago. Shakespeare’s Childhood William Shakespeare is generally accepted as the cleverest user of words in the world. He was born at a particularly fortunate moment in the history of English.

William Shakespeare was born on 23 April 1564, in Stratford, which is 100 miles northwest from London. William Shakespeare was the eldest son, and third child of eight, because his elder brothers were dead in few years after their birth. (You can see it in Romeo and Juliet too). His father John Shakespeare was a glove maker. His mother, Mary Arden, had some land and money of her own. Even though they weren’t rich, they were quite comfortable in their life. Stratford was a small market town surrounded by green fields. William went o Stratford Grammar School, when he was seven. A school day was 11 hours long and he had to go six days a week.

Later on he revealed this, as he hated it. Shakespeare’s childhood name was Will. In that time his father owed a lot of money to others, because of his business (it went down). Therefore Will stopped to going school and went to work with his father. Another friend of Will, who was also a writer, revealed this later as “Will have small Latin and less Greek”. Will got married at 18 with Anne Hathaway, who was the daughter of a local farmer. When she got married, she was eight years older than Will. They got married without any public notices because, Anne was pregnant (In that time one in every three brides were pregnant on their wedding day).

The baby Susanna was born six months after the wedding. Two years later, Anne gave birth to twins, and they were called Judith and Hamnet. After few years Will went to London for no reason. (People said that he hunted a deer without permission and stole rabbits from Sir Lucy, so he ran to London to escape from the jail). William Shakespeare in London When Will came into London he gazed in wonder because, he had never seen anything like it. London was very different and it was full of life and excitement. Compared to Stratford London seemed crowded, noisy and dirty.

Anyway Will decided to like it and to stay in London. Will came to London when he was 23 and he stayed in London for the next 23 years. He sent money to his family, and he visited them about once a year. Afterwards he had no money or job so, he did varies jobs including Moneylender, sailor, soldier, Gardener, Coachman, Printer and so on (In this time there was no details about Shakespeare and they were called the Lost Years). While he was a coachman he had to stay out side of the theatre and look after the people’s horses. The theatres are noisier place than the theatres of today.

Will loved the theatre as he loved the excitements of it. At last he decided he wanted to be an actor. Later on he and the famous actor James Burbage became friends and Shakespeare joined in Burbage’s company to achieve his goal. (Now we are going to call him Shakespeare because he is a big man now). Shakespeare began to write plays for Burbage’s company and he wrote his first play called The Comedy of Errors, which is based on an old story. The play was a success and Shakespeare carried on writing. He made more friends with other playwrights. In that period of time London was very lively and very violent.

Shakespeare’s friends also committed with murders and other criminal activities. In 1592 it became even more dangerous. The plague hit London and killed almost ten thousand people. Shakespeare was lucky enough to escape the plague but, the theatres closed down so, Shakespeare started to write poetry to earn money. He wrote over 150 sonnets and they indicated some mysterious peoples. In 1594, the plague was over and the theatres opened up again. In the next few years Shakespeare became London’s most successful playwright. He wrote every kind of play including tragedies, comedies and history plays.

As he grew he brought shares in Burbage’s company. He became rich and brought shares in London’s new theatre, the Globe. He also brought houses and lands in Stratford. His son Hamnet died in 1596, when he was 11 years old this affected Shakespeare and he reflected his feeling through out his novels later. In 1603, Queen Elizabeth died and James I became King and Shakespeare’s company changed their name to the King’s Men At this time Shakespeare was in the height of his success and began to write greatest plays. They were tragedies, feeling about love and jealousy, cruelty and sadness.

Ending (Mystery) Shakespeare’s last play was called The Tempest. At the end of the play a wizard breaks his magic staff and says he will do no more magic. People thought this was Shakespeare saying goodbye to the theatre. As he grew older and older, Will spent less time in London and more time with his family. He decided to retire at last, but he kept in touch with the King’s men, and they performed his plays. In 1610, Shakespeare returned to Stratford to live. No he was an old man; he had had enough of the excitement of London, so he wanted some peace and quiet.

One day in 1613, during a performances of Henry VIII at the Globe theatre, a cannon was fired. It set the theatres thatched roof ablaze, and in just few hours the whole building had burned to the ground. Luckily no one hurt, and the Globe was soon rebuilt by the King. The written copies of Will’s plays were saved by his friends. In 1623 all 36 plays were put together in a printed book called First Folio. William Shakespeare, the greatest grandmaster of English writers died in 1616, at the age of 52 and buried Holy Trinity Church on April 25. He left most of his money and property to his eldest daughter, Susanna, and his other children.

The Shakespeare Data Bank lists nearly 20 causes of Shakespeare’s death, including Bright’s disease and writer’s cramp. Although he was gone, he would never be forgotten by the English World. A painted funerary bust was erected in the church early in the seventeenth century that has lasted to the present. William Shakespeare wrote 37 plays in all, not even one was published in his lifetime. Seven years after his death, his friends published his plays. Since then, the plays have become known all over the world. They are still put on nearly 400 years after Shakespeare’s death.

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