Wild Oats Natural Marketplace: Case Analysis

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There is a new trend in the business of foods right now that is taking a leap. This is the organic products industry. One competitive company in the line of organic products industry will be Wild Oats Markets Inc. There are more than a hundred of operating natural food stores in twenty-three states United States of America and Canada. Wild Oats Market place started business in 1987 in Boulder Colorado after they purchase Crystal Market.

Though it was in 1991 when Wild Oats has made its biggest break in the industry. This was also the same year that the company has opened a natural food store in Santa Fe Mexico that has been one of their busiest chain ever. The annual sale of the company has now reach one billion dollars. They acquired market share through acquisitions and new store development. Wild Oats products include natural foods and supplements; they are also in the process of expanding their own line of private labeled products.

Wild Oats is not just an organic company, they do more than sell products to the consumer, and they also participate in activities that cater to the well being of the consumers and the environment as well. They support organized events and philanthropic giving. They even give a specific percentage of their income to selected non profit organization as way of helping the community. Industry Analysis The organic food industry has come a long way and is making a very significant progress in the market.

The growth of the industry was said to be in the year 2000. It was in this year when the sales in went up and almost a stunning eight million dollars of the profit was purchased form retail stores. The organic industry is widening their market to reach more consumers. The organic food industry is booming in the 21st century because people now are more aware of their health. More and more people are becoming conscious of what they eat and the effects of it to their body and over-all health being.

The technological development that is happening around the world gives out many stresses to the working population. Medicine is costly thus some are opting in preventing the onset or by curing sickness with the aid of organics. Seventy-five percent of grocery shoppers in America thinks that buying organic foods instead of the process ones is better for them due to environmental issues that are being raised now (Sides, 1999). For a product to be called organic there should be no prohibited substances used in managing the fruit, vegetables or animals.

Fruit and vegetables that are organic use practices that are ecologically based like biological pest management and composting. Meats and eggs could also be labeled organic depending on the way they were raised and manage by the company before selling them. The United States Department of Agriculture defines organic meat, poultry, and eggs as those raised not in the conventional way. There are no hormones for growth that were given though the animals still were vaccinated and given dietary supplements of vitamins and minerals (Dimitri and Greene, 2002).

The Department of Agriculture of the United States is still formulating a more concise definition for products that should be labeled as organics for there are said to be some incidence of products given the label of organic but if checked it does not have the characteristics needed for it to be organic. The USDA is in the process of making a label that will be universal or that will apply for all kinds of organic products (Dimitri and Greene, 2002). Among the top selling organic products are fresh fruits and vegetables, nondairy beverages, breads and grains, packaged foods like dried prepared foods or frozen and dairy products.

Trusted names in the industry of organic foods include Whole Foods Markets, Wild by Nature, Mother’s Market and Kitchen, and Wild Oats. These companies compete with each other and are trying to outwit one another as they device strategies to gain loyal customers. They even try to give seminars and educational awareness and cooking tips to show the consumer that they are not only concern with the income that they will get from them but also put their well being in check. Companies like Wild Oats Market and Whole Foods Market even ventured in using the internet to sell their product.

These two companies have launched their websites where the consumer can purchase the organic products that they need with just a click of a button (Sides, 1999). Organic foods industry is definitely here to stay. It has come a long way from just being sold in cooperative stores to a more liberal and wider market. Everyone will be aware of their health and their environment. This is a good attribute of a progressing country. Though there are many innovations the basic necessities in life are still not being forgotten and that nature is still man’s greatest ally.

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