Why was the United Nations Resolution 242 not acceptable to both Israelis and Palestinians in 1967 and the years after

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The United Nations passed resolution 242 in 1967. This has been the basis for all succeeding attempts at resolving the issues. The resolution called for the withdrawal of Israel from the occupied territories; all Middle East states to live in peace within secure and registered boundaries and a just settlement for the refugee problem. The resolution basically stated that Israel should have the right to exist and that it should be known.

This resolution was agreed by all of the Arab states including Egypt and Jordan, but however the Israelis and the Palestinians did not. The Israelis wouldn’t want to leave these occupied territories at all, as they wanted all of this land to them selves. The main reason that they wanted the land was for safety purposes, when they had the land they felt more in control of the Palestinians and were on a higher ground to look over them, and feel at ease from possible attack.

Also being on higher ground puts them nearer to Syria and gave them strength. It meant that they had better borders including water ones to mean that there was a lower risk of invasion. Also they would ant to have the country as a whole widened to give them more land to give them protection. Also the land they want to own consists of recourses including water and oil, which are vital for survival. Water for drinking, and cleanliness, and oil for selling purposes to make money, and also their own fuel.

The other resource that they would be keen to keep is the farming land, which again provides a high income and food. And all of these are only for them selves, they also wanted the land for new settlers to come and make the land more heavily populated and become a generally stronger country. Finally hey still hold the feeling that the land that is being taken away from them is rightfully theirs, they think that it is god that led them to it, and that god meant for it to be theirs.

Religion was important to them and if they believed that they could own this land thanks to religion then they would happily accept. Because they were not willing to accept these terms, and they still want to keep all the land to them selves it is likely to make peace harder to come by as the Israelis are loosing land which is vital to them for safety, and if safety can not be insured they are likely to continue to use estructive terrorist plans which will lead to more hatred between the sides and so more killing and upset.

The Palestinians were also desperate not to accept the resolution, recognising the state of Israel would be like admitting defeat for them which would make them seem cowardly and laughed at by other Arab states, it also makes them seem like they can be walked all over and other countries may take advantage of them. After the resolution they would still want more land, which they thought was rightfully theirs, and they would want the refugees to get their land back also.

So while they were trying to be told to recognise the state of Israel they obviously had their mind on the problems they were facing with their own land, and always thinking that they could get something better than resolution 242 was going to offer them. The state in which the refugees were being held were atrocious, families had to huddle together into overcrowded tents, the food and sanitation was well below adequate and when it rained there was a quagmire with mud oozing into the tents. It’s quite easy to see why the Palestinians would not freely accept the resolution 242 if they had to continue to live in these mud-ridden tents.

The Israelis and the Palestinians not agreeing to this resolution is sure to make peace harder to come by as there is likely to be an increase in terrorist activity from both sides as they get more and more angry with the other side taking their land and not sharing the land of recourses, safety and settlers. For example in some circumstances, many young Palestinians began to organise them selves into groups, Yassar Arafat formed an organisation called FATAH in the 1950’s, and many other groups were created, one took part in a major terrorist attack in kidnapping the Israeli Olympic team and killing them.

Its things like this which will wind the other side up more and more, and instead of fighting for the land because they think its rightfully theirs they will be doing it out of spite, and just because they don’t want the other side to have it. The fact that nobody accepts the resolution creates more tension, thus leading to more killing and making peace harder to come by in the future.

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