Why Study Advertising?

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Firstly children should be taught about advertising at a young age so that when they see advertisements they will know whether it is fact or fantasy, as young children can sometimes not tell the difference between fact and fantasy in advertisements. For example in the action man adverts you see him riding along on a jet ski whish is fantasy but in real life the toys cant ride on jet skis or do what the adverts say they do.

Secondly, without adverting the media production would collapse, so if people were taught about adverting, more people will get into the industry and keep the business alive. For example without advertising less people would buy things then that market would collapse then there would be chaos as all of the businesses would no longer be there. Thirdly the advertising agency puts a unfair pressure on parents to buy the latest trendy products. For example a child will see an advert for the latest clothes so the child will go on and on at his parents to buy him it.

The Benetton Advertising Campaign

The Benetton advertising campaigns have caused a lot of controversy. Controversial adverts often appear in the media. Foe example a pot noodle advert said that “Pot noodle is the SLAG of all snacks”. this caused controversy because saying “Slag” is a sexist view towards women. This is not always a bad thing because it gets people talking. Controversial ads sell.

Oliviero Toscani is a photographer and an advertiser; he started out as a fashion photographer then went into advertising when Luciano Benetton hired him to direct his advertising campaign for jumpers. Benetton chose Toscani because he is good at his job and he different. He is a controversial advertiser. Toscani planned to change Benetton’s image by making it more exciting that just the jumpers that he sold. The ‘United colors of Benetton’ campaign was about showing that everyone is the same whether they were black or white or Asian or a different race.

One image from this campaign was when a priest was kissing a nun. This caused offence because the priest and nun had broken their vow of celibacy. Nuns and priest would never kiss anyone. Another image is of the queen of Britain. Toscani had taken a picture of her and colored her black. This caused offence to British people who take things about the queen seriously and to black people. My opinion of the campaign is that some of the pictures were too controversial for just selling jumpers. I think that all the controversial pictures were too much. This campaign improved Benetton’s profits because the campaign had memorable adverts. The adverts were so outrageous that people noticed them more than usual and people spread it around.

In the reality campaign Toscani used other photographer’s photographs of graves and he got photos of a bloodstained war uniform. This caused offence because people did not want him to use pictures of war heroes’ uniforms to sell jumpers. The Sears deal was important to Benetton because it was a multi-million dollar deal. Benetton got to sell his clothes in over eight hundred branches. Everyone went to Sears so everyone would see his clothes.

In the death row campaign one of the images used was one of a murderer reading the bible, which put across that he has learnt his lesson and shouldn’t be put to death. This campaign backfired because relatives of people killed by the death row inmates put on their own campaign to stop this one as they did not want to see their sons, daughters and relatives killers face everywhere they went. Benetton went on to lose the multi-million deal with Sears and therefore lost millions. Toscani had gone too far.

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