Why is James Bond still appealing

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After six years off the big screen, Bond is back and he’s bigger than ever. So let’s take a look at the continued appeal of Bond. First let’s look at genre. The most popular ending to a Bond film is with the evil character dying and James Bond winning and getting the girl. One of the key themes that occur again and again in James Bond films, is the conflict between good (James Bond) and evil. Good and evil are easy to identify in these films.

The appearances of the Bond villains make them easily recognisable and we know that 007 is always on the side of right. The Bond villain is more than just a gangster, he is a mysterious mastermind with a touch of the inhuman about him. In films of the Pierce Brosnan era have created different sorts of villains. Corrupt gangsters of the ex communist countries and the difficult situation of good and evil within them (Goldeneye), media controllers (Tomorrow Never Dies), and multinational companies (The World is Not Enough).

In the early films Bond nearly always gets involved with women who need to be rescued. The girl often represents a problem or an enigma that he must resolve. He does this and puts the women back into place (which is inferior to his). However, going back to films such as The Spy Who Loved Me, the Bond women who contributed to helping solve problems as opposed to simply being women who need “saving”. Bond’s attitudes towards women have been modified although not greatly.

Also, there’s more action in Goldeneye than in previous 007 entries enough to keep a ninety-minute film moving at a frantic pace. All Bond stories share the similarity of the plot. To Bond this is called to duty, he becomes personally involved and committed to the task that he has been set. He encounters the adversary whose particular evil is very clearly demonstrated. Bond is carried through an ordeal which, only his sheer will to live and physical endurance carries him successfully through and the final result is the complete destruction of the adversary.

Bond films attract audiences because they’re solid fun, light and uncomplicated entertainment that requires no more from a viewer than that he or she sits back and enjoys. One key aspect of genre is that whilst there are certain things which we expect to see there is also an exception of something new which will appear. We need to be surprised by events, characters, twists with the story amongst other things. The story must build up suspense, we know that 007 will win in the end and overcome the villain (as well as getting the girl).

But at any moment we are wondering where the story will go next and how Bond will escape the particular danger in which he finds himself. Despite already having been played by five different actors who all bring something different to the role, its possible to say that Bond did surprised me. He did get emotional at one point and we still don’t know anything about his background, family, childhood, real motivation which is surprising because there has been many a chance in other Bond films which they could of said something about them.

Another great thing about Goldeneye is that we get a real insight into Bond, as other characters see him. Brosnan manages to keep a hard edge and an air of vulnerability during his performance and he stars in some brilliantly written scenes, particularly with Moneypenny, M, Wade and Trevelyan The action sequences, while being superb, don’t take away from the tension of the film, which is very well controlled

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