Why Asian Has More Women Private Bankers

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According to the article, Ms Tan Su Shan, 45, is the head private and consumer banking of DBS Group Holdings. She mentioned that when she still working for Morgan Stanley, she has to work on her laptop and mobile phone while she giving birth. Doctor applied nitrous oxide to relief the pain of giving bith when Ms Tan was on the phone with her client. It showed that women are hardworking and put a lot of effort and care on their work when she’s still suffering from pains. This is one of the reason why female private bankers outnumber men when it comes to wealth management.

Given that Ms Shalini Malkni, more women had taken up profession and excelling. Men would rather choose women and talk about personal wealth issue because women often are more sensitive and empathetic. Ms Lim Li Li, a managing director, recalled that she got an urgent call from a wealthy Thai client while she was vacationing in Japan. She flew immediately to Bangkok and had a meeting with client family members in a midnight. This gained trust and get the contact of relationship closer between client and banker.

She also felt privileged where she’s the only banker for solving an important crisis instead of any bankers. Ms Lim mentioned that some first or second generation Asian entrepreneurs may prefer female bankers, because it usually friendly and it can communicate well by using gentle or soft tone. Therefore, it is much easier to get along as a friend or close members. In Asia, people usually think that working as a private banker, females fits the requirements of being patience, clean, neat and a listening ear compared to males.

It feels warmly or even gains trust when clients receive present from female bankers such as flowers or chocolate. However, clients may get a wrong message if male bankers do the same, and that may lead both relationship of client and banker even further. Thus, men are suitable to work as investment banking or corporate banking. In my opinion, clients would find female bankers instead of male bankers because female bankers give a warmhearted welcome to the strangers.

Women can spend their time slowly to discuss most of the things and that’s maybe one of the reason as to build up the relationship to communicate like a friend. Women have mature thinking than men while men tend to get things done fast and not paying attention when people are complaining or talking, and wind up zoning out. Men just want a big picture. Asian client like to deal with female bankers because they give a listening ear and care. Thus, Asia banks would prefer hires female bankers than male.

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