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We will both manufacture and retail with running the centre butting selling equipment as well. There is no gap in the market. The target market for my business is teenagers. As the game involves a lot of energy and guns, which are both, needed for this game. I will target the segment through different guns, time lengths of games and sections of age. The segments are as follows firstly age 12-15, 16-30 and 30+. This is done so guns are not too powerful for the age and people will be mixing with their own generation.

There are no close competitors as the next place in the area is Manchester. The business’s possible locations are Knutsford and Mobberly as there is lots of land to build up the centre also because it is cheap land as it is so far from the centre where most customers will come from. The effects that come from the different locations are multiple, firstly in a public area there would be lots of noise which the neighbours will not like I think I will have to employ about 5 people in whole for the business.

One account working out all costs including parties and other group activities. Also I will have two workers in the booking centre helping with booking and finally two workers at the actual activity centre who help with safety, rules and sort out teams. My idea of a business is a paintball centre situated in the area or close to Wilmslow. My aim of the business is to focus on making up for costs on the first two years in running and then to make profits and after five years focus on expanding.

Year One – Successfully get business underway and starting to pay off loans etc. Year Two – Pay off all loans and debts and be able to focus on making profits Year 3 ; 4 – Start to successfully make profits. Year five – If meet all aims and collect enough profits start to focus on expanding the business and get a business in a different area. Wilmslow Town Centre is a pleasant area with a range of shops from clothes to restaurants and cafes.

The population of Wilmslow is small as most workers are commuters who live outside the area but just work there in such places as Knutsford, Handforth, and Alderly Edge etc. As you can see Wilmslow is in the centre of this map and around are all the areas where I will be hoping to attract customers. This the areas where the commuters will be coming from to work showing the area as being a popular area for employment this is also where people will come to shop. Market Research

The primary research I have is about the area of Wilmslow and also any other paintball centres around the area, I researched this to see what competition I was up against and how I will fight this competition off. There is no competition within the area I am targeting to get customers which is a bonus as I will be able to charge my own prices without pressure off any other paintball centres. The secondary research I carried out is on how the public would feel with me opening this store here are my results from the questionnaire.

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