What types of ICT is used in Drusillas ?

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A Low spec PC would contain 1. 4GHz processor, it would have only 256 MB ram for opening only a few of documents at once and it would have an 40 GB hard disk for not needing a lot of storage. The cost for this would be anything between i?? 400 to i?? 900. Low Resolution Monitors: A low resolution monitor would have a resolution of 1280×1024 and is likely to be 17″. The price would range from i?? 90 to i?? 150. It would have 297mm dot pitch and is likely to be a CRT monitor since they is quite cheap High Quality Inkjet and LaserJet Printers:

A high quality LaserJet printer would probably have a resolution 4800dpi [dot per inch]. It would have an input of 600 pages and an output of 250 pages. 12 to 30 pages should be easily printed out in a minute. The cost for this would probably be between i?? 200 to i?? 500. A high quality DeskJet printer would have a resolution of 4800. 1200 dpi maximum. Paper size would be 13 by 19 inches. The cost would be anything between i?? 200 to i?? 400. The pages printed out in a minute would be approximately 6 to 8. High Resolution Camcorders:

A high-resolution camera would include SLR [single lens reflex]. It would have a 6. 3 mega pixel unit. The images that are taken should be sharp; up to 40 x 45cm print. A low resolution camera would contain 0. 3million pixels. The prices would start at i?? 30 to i?? 100. 56/Cable/ADSL Modem: A 56K modem would cost about i?? 20 to i?? 40. It would be internal since external modems are very expensive. It should be PCI and have a terminal adaptor as well as it should be ISDN compatible. Also it might allow you to send faxes using theinternet.

An ADSL or cable modem would be a lot expensive than a normal modem since they are a lot faster and are used when using broadband. These modems will cost between i?? 90 to i?? 130. Web Server: A server a something which sends and receives data across a network i. e. internet or intranet. The types of hardware used in Drusillas Park are: Web Browser: A web browser is used to surf the net and gives you different toolbars which allows you to surf the net more efficiently. Different web browsers have different toolbars i. e.

AOL is an ISP [internet service provider] has its own web browser with it’s own tool bars compared to Internet explorer which is also a web browser. A web browser converts HTML page into the visual form intended by the web page designer. Browsers can also run programmes called applets [little applications] and scripts which makes pages more interactive. Access Accounts: This program is used to give department analysis. Spreadsheet: A spreadsheet is very useful for making fast calculations and re calculations since the system has a built in calculator.

This helps you to work out VAT much more efficiently and quickly. Spreadsheet also allows you do absolute cell reference in which you format a whole cell and drag it to a different cell but it will all was have the same format. ARKS System [animal record keeping system: This is like a database but is used for animals. The program stores the animals name, gender, age etc. Desktop Publishing: Desktop publishing is useful when making fliers, leaflets and brochures. This is helpful because the software gives templates and facilities which makes it a lot easier and faster to make advertisements.

Sales Department: Introduction: Laurence Smith is the managing director and is the largest shareholder of Drusilla. Drusilla is mainly marketed for families with children under the age of 11 or 12. Drusilla is also marketed at school groups i. e. Brownies, Beaver groups, Cubs. A lot of advertising is done using leaflets and brochures, approximately i?? 120,000 is spent on advertising. A lot of PR work is done by advertising in local papers, national papers and magazines. Their web site has been used for three years to get their name across.

The web site has two purposes, primary reason being to advertise Drusilla and the second reason being to support all the materials they have i. e. brochures and advertising all of which have the website address on so visitors can find out about them. This helps viewers because then the know This helps viewers because then the know what the prices are, what the opening times are, they know what facilities there are around the park and they know what they are going to see before they get here. Web Site: Drusilla provided the content for the website.

They provided all the information needed to get the information across. Drusilla used 2 different companies for the design and putting the whole thing together. One is a technical web design company who started off but in the end decided that it didn’t have Drusillas own corporate feel. So they went back to their own corporate designers, which is a company in London called Button Communications, and they put their own touch on it and made it far more child friendly and easier to use so that it fitted in with our style.

Drusilla looked at sales using the website and when the website was constructed 18 months ago, they had long discussions about the benefits of doing it and Drusilla certainly would get a number of customers who would be interested in buying online. The difficulties would come on the site. If you bought a ticket in advance, you would want to use a fast track instead of queuing for half an hour to get in. Now Drusilla would need to provide an extra gate and extra staff which would be expensive and complicated, particularly on less busy days. So therefore sales is not used on the web site.

E-Mail: Drusilla use e-mail on a regular basis from their point of view, the big advantage of e-mail, has been since they have had a digital camera on site, they can take photos of animals, particularly those with young babies, and then they can e-mail the photos and the press release to the local press and the national press in an hour, where previously, if used an old fashioned camera, they would have to take them to be developed and the a week later, Drusilla would have to make 15 or 16 copies and post them off to all the various papers.

That means it would be one and a half to two weeks before they got the news to the papers, which wasn’t very efficient.

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