What to Expect of the Philadelphia Eagles in 2010

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The Eagles are coming off an interesting year, one in which they made the playoffs, but then traded away their veteran, Pro Bowl, likely Hall of Fame quarterback. What in the world are they thinking?

Are You as Dumb as I Think You Are? Coach Andy Reid must think that everyone outside Philly is stupid. When the whole trade fiasco that sent Donovan McNabb to conference rival Washington occurred, Andy tried to pass it off as if he were doing Donovan a favor. It will improve his career, he said. He will have a great supporting cast there. Yeah, right. Don’t do Donovan any favors. The Eagles should remember that they play Washington twice. And I suspect that Donovan will not harbor any good feelings to the folks who ran him out of Philly, after he had given them so many years of service.

I Don’t Know About This Guy: Apparently, however, not everyone shares the enthusiasm for Donovan McNabb’s trade to the ‘Skins. Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg said that McNabb was a “great player” with “many strengths”. He had one of the “league’s strongest arms” and could “make brilliant plays”. In contrast, when discussing now-starter Kevin Kolb, Coach Mornhinweg said that he is “very, very consistent”, and “very accurate”. Well. That’s nice. And what about Michael Vick? The Eagles have tried to shop him in the off-season, with no takers. No use doggin’ him, though. (Sorry about that.)

Playing a Little Defense: It’s hard to say what the biggest need was for the Eagles going into the draft. It really didn’t matter, because they had more draft picks than a dog has fleas. Truly. (And that’s not another Michael Vick reference.) They had 9 picks in the first five rounds. They used the first five picks to draft – you guessed it – defense. Defensive ends Brandon Graham and Daniel Te’O Nesheim accompany free safety Nate Allen, cornerback Travard Lindley, and linebacker Keenan Clayton into their rookie season in Philadelphia. One intriguing pick in the fifth round was Riley Cooper, a wide receiver from Florida. If he can catch the balls that Tim Tebow threw, he should be fine in Philly, regardless of who the quarterback is.

Who Put Together This Schedule?: The schedule is definitely not favorable for the Eagles. Not only do they play Washington, Dallas, and the Giants twice each, they also play Indianapolis, Green Bay, and Minnesota. This does not bode well for the Eagles, who, without a proven quarterback, will struggle.

The Eagles finished up 2009 with an 11-5 record and a playoff appearance. They don’t even come close to that this year. Look for an 8-8 record, and some fans who are mad enough, they might even boo Santa Claus.

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