What should the sale manager do?

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Besides, it will be very good if the sales management have full of experience within the same industry, as it helps the he or she to know colleague’s characteristics well, and become their ‘friend’ as quick as possible, once a leader becomes their friends, all the barriers between leadership and staff seems inexistent, and jobs can be done so much easier for sale managers themselves. n the rough, these are the fundament element for selecting a sales manager that according to the Internal organization. In addition, another mistake Bob made was employed Galen without formal selection. So selecting a sale people also should follow the same rule as selecting a sales manager.

Making a good start of human resource innovation is to establish an official policy among sales management and even all the other departments in the firm. About the policy, above all, setting an adult entertainment standard, which is urgent for shifting OptiMotors’ embarrassing actuality. In the article, experts offer several simple guidelines for different types of clients adopting corresponding treatments. For example, for some advanced customers, personnel sellers are able to invite them to have upper entertainment.

Thirdly, setting a rational expenses standard. Build up a certain amount of company expense limitation so that company can not lose big amount of money in short time. It is also a good way to see whether the personnel seller is an excellent accouter. For employable sellers, they should measure if the entertainment is necessary or not. Take the ethical problem seriously and think about aftereffect before making a decision. E.g. taking customers to Red Ruby (strip club which is referred in the article) is absolute a serious unethical issue and unnecessary expense.

Fourthly, all the personnel sellers should hand in a performance report periodically, for manager can improve their working ability through evaluating their achievements, thus personnel sellers may work more and more effectively and efficiently for the firm in the future. In addition, in the performance report, sellers should note down clients comments to company, like how they think about products and services, also what else they want from company. It informs the positive and negative feedbacks for company and helps how the company should do better.

Moreover, all of potential customers should be discussed among the seller group. Decision of which method and approach that suit relative clients has to be made. To choose who has specialist for satisfying clients’ needs. “Different tactics work for different customers, and for different salespeople.” (Case, page36) Professional communication among the personnel seller is essential key to successful marketing management. The communication should be concerned with salesmanship.

Salesmanship is one of the best behaviors of personnel selling: “it is the art of successfully persuading prospects or customers to buy products or services from which they can derive suitable benefits, thereby increasing their total satisfactions.” (Still, 1988), Thus, the salesman who has got strong selling ability get reasonably high wage within the organization however salesmanship’s precondition is it should be virtuous. Finally, continuous education and retraining is also essential to achieve improved job performance. Through manager’s evaluation, Personal sellers will know which parts of their jobs need to be retrained. The training content identifies the product data, sales technique, industry’s market, company information and improvement.


Personnel seller acts as the media role between firms and customers. Radically as Das said, all the customers want to buy value, not just products. (Narayandas, 2006) Bob can not ignore the significance of innovating new production, new technologies and more effective services. Improvement idea could trace back to personnel sellers’ feedback when they are having face-to-face communication with clients. Besides, information also can be gathered from their competitors. Timely and effective improvement in OptiMotors manufacturing capability influences the increasing benefits. In a word.Wide promotion of OptiMotors Industry makes world-class products for world class customers.


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