What is an Equestrian?

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Equestrian is a sport that attracts interest from all over the world and from all ages. Young boys and girls dream of having a pony and riding it and athletes of the sport can provide a wonderful sight when racing. There are many forms of the game and also very interesting facts to learn.

Horses were first used for transportation purposes. As all animals, horses were used to serve people. They were used to transport people and goods from one place to the other when no other means of transportation existed. They were also used for the same purpose when the roads were not accessible by cars. Later on the use came also from the military. There are many pictures showing officers that used horses to patrol or to catch a thief. Horses were later used in sports and trained to be fast and win a race. They were used in all kinds of sports. Races, races with jumps and even events where the rider of the horse demonstrates gymnastic figures are all common. Horses are also used in combined sports like polo. They are also used in rodeo and many more cases.

Equestrian as a sport has been included in the Olympic Games of 1900. At first, the three day event, today called Eventing, was performed only by military officers. They used to ride their horses to show their capabilities as individuals and also for the country they originated. This part of the show was used for many purposes. The other forms of the game, jumping and dressage, were open to civilians. However, most people liked to watch the events that the military officers showed and didn’t show much interest in other forms of the sport. This was mainly due to the fact that they had excellent skills that they demonstrated and also because every country had a unique approach that made the sport interesting. Up until 1948 the number of athletes that took part in the jumping and dressage was limited. However, the growth of the sport was rapid. People started showing interest and soon discovered the beauty of riding. At first there were not many athletes that competed in international competitions, but that soon changed. After the sport received the attention it deserved, there were also many changes. Riders that were interested in taking part in competitions were not that many and most of the times they knew each other. This lead to misunderstandings as up until then, every country had small differences in the way the game was played. This could potentially lead to misunderstandings and thus the importance of having official rules and restrictions for the game was evident. Common rules made the game official and added prestige. In May 1921, a committee from delegates of ten national organizations on the sport met in Lausanne and formed an international federation.
The game had since then many fans that follow their favorite athletes around the world. it is nice to watch and easy to follow and you will soon see that you have become a fan as well.

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