What business is needed?

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I used this question to find out what stores the people of the public wanted to see. I made sure I asked a range of ages to get a variety of stores. Donald Powell can use these results and sell things in his store that are in a lot of demand e.g. bikes. From my results, I can see record stores are very popular, however, many people did want stores selling clothing e.g. Men’s designer wear, clothes shop, designer wear e.t.c… Therefore I would think that on the whole, clothes shops are in demand.

From these results, I have concluded that Donald Powell should make sure his company is on the Internet. The most popular choice of store is a men’s designer wear shop along with a cookery store and a clothes shop. (For males and females). Also, his infrastructure must be very good for people coming from Worth as most of them come from there to shop in Crawley. (Not always the case!) The most ideal place for Donald Powell to locate his business is in the County Mall as most of the people shop there.

Q2 The factors affecting a business being located in Crawley are:Factors affecting business location There are a range of location factors Donald Powell should consider before locating his retail outlet. One location factor for Donald Powell to consider is labour. If Donald Powell needs a highly skilled workforce, it needs to be in an area linked to his local industry, or one with the training facilities. If Donald Powell is looking for cheap, unskilled labour, locating elsewhere might mean costs in transporting staff, or persuading them to relocate.

Land is also an important factor. The amount and cost of land clearly affects Donald Powell choice of location. A site in bad condition needs more money spent on it, and local planning restrictions must also be considered. If Donald Powell were to set up his shop on the high street, it would be a lot more expensive than if it were to be in the back street. Another important influence is infrastructure and service. Infrastructure is a man made enviroment.

Donald Powell needs a good source of water and energy, efficient drainage and waste disposal and good communications. These are the few good things Crawley can supply. It has four train stations, Three Bridges, Ifield, Crawley and Gatwick. It also has an airport nearby in Gatwick and the M25 and other strong road links are not too far away and links up to Crawley quite easily. This allows people from other towns to visit Donald Powell’s shop easily. Locating to a remote, undeveloped site means paying to link up such systems. E.g. The County Mall had to pay a lot for good infrastructure. Being close to fast, efficient transport links are vital. (I have a map of Crawley and have marked on all of the links and roads e.t.c…)

Competition is also a factor for Donald Powell to consider before locating a business. If there is too much competition, it may force Donald Powell’s company to lower prices for products and he may even lose many of his customers. Too much competition is not an advantage. Although this factor should not be worth considering, the government can be a factor worth considering when locating in an area of high unemployment. The government will grant you money and give you other benefits. However, in Crawley, the government will not help you, as you are not locating in an area of high unemployment.

Although this factor should not really be worth considering, as Donald Powell will be setting up his retail company in Crawley, pressure groups can also influence the location of someone’s business. This is only if your business is harming the environment in any sort of manner. However, as I had stated previously, this factor will be irrelevant, as Donald Powell will not be cutting down any trees or damaging the environment in any way. What type of business would be most suitable for Mr Powell Donald Powell must choose carefully which type of business organisation to operate as. The main types of business organisations he could operate as are.

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