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Tesco’s target is to expand their sale of organic produce to 1 billion pounds over the next five years. This could be done by supplying more organic products, which therefore will increase the number of customers for organic products, and leading to an increase in sales. Speed of Page Download Travelling to tesco. co. uk will automatically get transferred to tesco. com. This means that going via tesco. co. uk, the page takes a total of five seconds to download, whereas with tesco. com, the page takes a mere two seconds.

However, what is lost with download time, is gained in customers from type-in-traffic. All pages appear speedily, and even the most complex pages take no more than three to four seconds to appear. Ease of Use Tesco. co. uk is an easy to navigate through site, with its toolbar at the top, with entries to “Home, Shopping, News and Features, Talking Tesco, Register and Sign-In, Help”. This is all one big frame at the top of the page, so no matter how far the user scrolls down the page, his navigation options are still open to him.

The area you are currently at is in a darker shade of blue, in comparison to the other tabs. There is also a frame at the side of the page, with the same places to go to at the top, plus all the sub-sections available to visit. To find any one particular thing is very easy, although it’s not so easy to use if you are a browser. Range of Products Tesco seemed to me like a more complete, if not in as much depth as amazon. co. uk. They offer food, clothes, books, music, computer/video games, electrical items, groceries and even flowers!

However, there is a down side to all of this. In some of the book’s sections for example, next a book there would be a short description such as publisher, date published and so on. Click on more info, and all you get is a larger picture and the same information all over again. However, in their computer section they do provide lengthy descriptions, plus a jargon buster for the people who don’t understand the language used. This also covers things like MP3 players and dishwashers! Secure Server

Tesco claim that they have a SSL secure server in place, but worryingly, there was indication of it running while entering details about a) myself (including address, phone number etc. ) and b) while entering my club-card number. This is very worrying, although the help site claims that your details “are completely safe as they travel across the Internet. They also claim that with a Tesco creditcard, you can be sure of shopping anywhere on the net without worrying about security. What is S. W. O. T Analysis This is another method of helping management to reduce the risk involved in making decision in a dynamic industry.

It involves analysing the current position of a product, a department or even the whole organisation, and trying to identify its possible future course of action, by looking at its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Strength is a factor which a business currently possesses and which it performs effectively, such as having a strong management team, a profitable portfolio of products, or a loyal customer base. A weakness is an area in which the business currently performs poorly, such as having a high level of industrial disputes falling profitability, or falling productivity levels. ;

An opportunity is a potentially successful or profitable activity that the business could take advantage of in the future, such as the take-over of a competitor, the development of new products, or breaking into new markets. A threat represents a potential future problem which the business may face in the future, such as new competitors entering the industry, new legislation restricting the use of certain raw materials, or the possibility of being taken-over by another company. Tesco is a well-known e-commerce site in the UK. It has a large supermarket equivalent, so people can be sure who they’re buying things from.

Aims: Tesco have many aims within the firm to achieve its long-term plans from which company objectives are derived. It determines the way in which the organisation will develop, provides a common purpose for everyone to identify with and work towards and finally provides a collective view, builds team spirit and encourages commitment. Their plans and objectives are to provide approximately ten million customers every week and it is their undertaking to ensure every single one of them receives unbeatable customer service, as well as exceptional value.

Their aim is also to ensure their customers enjoy shopping with them and can rely upon them to deliver consistently high standards of customer care. They also have trained customer service representatives in every one of their stores who will be happy to help deal with any queries or comments that the customers may have. They aims are as well to attract new customers by trying new things and to increase their market share. There aims are also to make a profit and to keep all their shareholders and stakeholders as happy and as satisfied as possible and to pay all the dividends.

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