Volleyball – Evolution Of The Game

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Volleyball is one of the oldest sports which was started 115 years back. It was initially known as Mintonette and the name was then changed to “Volleyball”.

William Morgan invented this game in 1895 when he was working for YMCA as Director of Physical Education. He based Volleyball on other sports like Baseball, Basketball, Handball and Tennis. This game was developed for elder members of the community. It can be played both as an indoor and an outdoor game.

As far as the game is concerned, Volleyball has 2 teams with 6 players in each and the players use their hands and arms to catch and throw the ball. They can also use any part of the body to strike the ball, if required. The ball is thrown back and forth by the two teams over the net which is kept slightly higher than the tennis nets and the teams tries to score more points over each other. One of the teams wins when the ball touches the ground in the other team’s court, then the other team losses and the team throwing the ball wins the point. The team getting more points gets the advantage and consequently wins the game. If a team does some mistake and thus looses the game.

There are some of the basic rules of this game. One of the most important points to be kept in mind is that each team can touch the ball only three times before passing on the ball on to the other team without the ball touching the ground. One player can touch the ball only once and the ball should be passed on to the other team members and finally to the opponent. If one player throws or touches the ball more than once, then it is considered a fault and the opponent team scores a point. The game has 3 sets and the team which scores the first 25 points goes on to win the set and thus wins the game

Like in all other games, the players in this game make use of certain technical terms like passing the ball, spiking, attacking, blocking and setting of the players, defensive and offensive approach/ positions etc.

The first country to play Volleyball was the US and they played their first Olympic game of Volleyball in Paris in 1924. In India this game was first played 70 years back. Officially it started in 1951 when the Volleyball Federation in India was set up. It has a huge appeal in schools, colleges and armed forces. It has achieved global popularity and is only second to Soccer.

There are other versions of Volleyball like the Aquatic Volleyball, Sitting Volleyball, Blind Volleyball, Indoor Sand Volleyball and the Beach Volleyball. The most popular form of Volleyball is the Beach Volleyball. It is played outdoors on the beach and with 2 players in each team instead of 6.

Volleyball is one of the major sports of Olympics and is also one of the most played games.

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