Volleyball – A Team Sport In Olympics

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Volleyball has been identified as one of the Olympic team sports wherein there are two defined teams and each of these teams has 6 players each. The different teams generally try to score points by attacking with a ball and then grounding it in the opponent’s court. The game is generally supported through several well-organized rules. There are several forms of Volleyball and there are several variations also existing for this game. One of the most notable variations of this game is Olympic spin-off type of Beach Volleyball.

This form of Volleyball is supported by extensive rules and regulations. The game is started by a rally wherein the player from one of the teams generally serves a ball. He generally does this from the rear side of the boundary line of the court. This ball is generally served over the net such that it can reach into the court of the receiving team. It is required by the receiving team to now make effort and not allow the ball to be grounded in their court. In this attempt, they are allowed to touch the ball for as many as three times.

Most of the times, the first two touches are made in a manner that the ball can be set up for an attack. The team should then ensure that they are able to throw the ball again back over the net with the goal that the serving team is unable to prevent it from grounding in their court and thus they are able to score a point.
There is continuous rally till the time either of the team is successful in ensuring that the ball is grounded in the opponent’s court. It will also come to an end when the players for either of the team commit a fault. The team wins this ongoing rally will be given a point in their favor and the team which looses the rally will be loosing in their score. The winning team will be given the chance to serve the ball and gain the same process will continue.

The ball is generally played making use of the arms and the hands. However, legally the players are allowed to push the ball by making use of any of the body parts. There are several techniques that have evolved as a part of this sport. These are blocking, spiking, and others. Yet other techniques are setting, passing, defensive and offensive techniques.

Originally, the Olympic Volleyball, when it first started, was considered to be very simple competition. One of the formats that was used earlier is still being made use of in the world cup of Volleyball. As a part of this format, the different teams were ranked by some set parameters such as set average, point average and by wins. Thus, it was possible to identify the different medal winners even before the end of the game. But this had a typical disadvantage that the spectators lost interest in the game even before the game came to a final close. The number of teams has steadily increased over a period of time and till 1996, there were a total of twelve participant nations. In the Olympic Games, there are five different continental volleyball confederations. There is one national federation which is affiliated for each of these five confederations.

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