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Each of these different agency department helps with the United Colors of Benetton’s success and they all have their own particular job such as: The Creative writing is an area where researchers from different backgrounds and different styles work on scripts, short stories, reportage etc, where they think about the kind of words is going to be said in the United Colors of Benetton’s advertisement.

This department helps Benetton come up with the type of word that is going to be used in all their campaigns such as on Radios, or on large posters of different races and different cultures saying ‘Unit’, which shows that they are trying to bring people together and saying it doesn’t matter what colors or race we are and that we should love on another or even on TV’s etc, where they are able to launch their new Spring/Summer clothing with good words that would help attract customers into purchasing their new products.

Fabrica has helped Benetton come up with many different promotions such as billboards and posters advertising, the creative writing department has helped theme come up with the words that is going to be said on the large billboards and the large posters. They are the ones who plan and think about what words would suit the images used in the large billboards and posters.

They are also the ones who come up with how the writing is going too laid out on the magazines or catalogues to catch the customer’s attention. The Interactive media is where designers and programmers investigate and experiment with new possibilities of communication as they use young researchers to explore new things that are coming out and produce pieces which will involve the viewer.

This is good for United Colors of Benetton as they can use young researchers who come out University help research on the things needed for them to advertise throughout the world, and know the type of clothing people would prefer to wear which can give an indication on the designs needed to be used to attract customers and make their business still keep up with fashion. The Music department springs from new ideas of exploring new types of musical communication through the creativity of young artist from all around the world.

They think about new types of multimedia music that is going to be used to advertise on Benetton’s spring/summer clothing line As Fabirca have come up with some internet advertising, this department are the ones who come up with what type of background music that is going to be used to match the spring/summer 06 advertising. Also Photography which is where some agencies think about the types of pictures which is going to be shown. For example they would think about how the photo is going to be taken with the new spring/summer clothing line and how it will be presented throughout the world.

As Benetton are promoting their new Spring/Summer 06 clothing range, Fabrica has helped them come up advertisements such as ‘catalogues, window posters, magazines, billboards, large poster etc’, the photography department are the ones who take the pictures and decide which picture is going to be displayed. The photography departments are the one who choose which models is going to be used, and how the photo is going to be taken and which of Benetton’s Spring/Summer 06 products is going to be worn by the models to and which photographer is going to take the pictures to advertise on each other those advertisements.

Furthermore the Visual Communication department is central to most of Fabrica’s activities and all the communication involves visual designs, it is good for United Colors of Benetton. Using these different departments in Fabrica will be good for the United Colors of Benetton, as they are offering many different services on what they are going to do to promote their new Spring/Summer clothing. As Fabrica have up to 50 young creative selected among the best schools all over the world.

20 consultants, who are experts in their specific fields: design, photography, video, music, interactive, graphics and writing etc, they are able to give Benetton a top quality advertisement and help them on what would be good to suit their clothing line they want to launch. Having these top experts would give them an advantage on advertising as they would know what the public would like and what is required for people to get attract to their new stores and making existing customers aware of their new launch.

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