Veterinarian Career

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After investigating career pathway/cluster, I chose veterinarian as the career which interested me. I learned that a veterinarian’s may work in different settings such as clinics, or if they are a large animal veterinarian they would work outdoors and on farms. Being a veterinarian is a demanding job it may require you to work long hours and sometimes long weekends. While working veterinarians not only work with the animals they have to deal with emotional pet owners and a lot of noise.

A Veterinarian is a person who examines animals to detect a disease or injury and to find the cause. Veterinarians also treat injured or sick animals by giving them medicine, patching wounds, performing surgery, and if the animal has a broken bone they put a cast on it. They can also run tests on the animal’s blood. Veterinarians care for farm animals, house pets (cats, dogs, etc. ), exotic birds and racetrack horses. Also veterinarians can care for animals in zoos. Small-animal veterinarians care for typically house pets.

These veterinarians help their clients by providing them with information on how to properly groom their pet. Also they give them tips on how to train their pet. Veterinarians give vaccinations, can do screenings on them and treat the animals for external and internal parasites. Large-animal veterinarians do the same as the small-animal vets accept they do not work animal hospitals they work mainly outside or in barns. In order for someone to become a veterinarian they must go to a two to four year college.

You also must graduate with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. While there they must study science studies. There is also a veterinary school that is available, if you get to go to this school your schedule is made of specific subjects. But, it is very hard to get into this school. The outlook for a veterinarian is very good. It is expected to increase by 33% because more people are taking their pets to vets. The entry wage for a veterinarian is about 70,130 for the annual. The median wage is about $79,050. The lowest amount you can earn is $46,610.

I would put many things in my senior project. I would state how to get a degree to become a veterinarian and what kind of schooling I would need also how many hours of training I would need. I would further explain the courses that I would have to take in order to become a veterinarian. I would explain some of the reasons someone would bring their pet to a vet. As if it was just for a checkup or if the animal was sick or injured. I would explain the different types of procedures a veterinarian would use and the different techniques they would use.

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