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The intent for of this memo is for employees to understand the perimeters in which they are authorized to perform fundraising efforts on order to support the Military Veteran’s Foundation. The Military Veteran’s Foundation was developed for employees to participate in a single campaign in order for future success of the Military Veterans Foundation. Fundraising efforts are normally conducted in for those employees that wish to donate to the foundation.

The San Antonio Military Veteran’s Foundation’s goal is to raise funds to benefit the active military, veterans and their families that have served overseas in Vietnam, WWII, Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom/ Operation Enduring Freedom and all future campaigns. All fundraising will be conducted in support of this mission As the VP of San Antonio Military Veteran’s Foundation it is my pleasure to announce our gratitude to all service members past, present and future. We applaud those volunteers whom are willing to support our mission by raising necessary funds and other resources.

This policy will explain how the San Antonio Military Veterans’ Foundation will be affiliated with all fundraising activities. Common practice for the SAMVF to accept fundraising proposals; All proposals will be submitted in a written form 30 days prior to any event. All proposals will go through a review process by a panel of board member for final determination and approval. A hold harmless agreement will be signed by all participants for all fundraising organizations. SAMVF Considerations:

The San Antonio Military Veteran’s Foundation wants all planned fundraising events and activities to be familiar with our mission. Our affiliation will only be with those partners whose values are consistent with our own. Our foundation will gladly provide additional information on our goals. * Fundraising purposes not consistent with our mission, will not be accepted.

* The privacy of our donors or the dignity and privacy of all families we serve will not be compromised. All outside fundraisers are required to comply with all applicable regulations and laws during the planning and execution of such activities. All organizations applying for grants to support the fundraising efforts must provide liability insurance and be completely liable for their event, leaving the San Antonio Military Veteran’s Foundation from all liabilities. * All fundraising activities/ events will be conducted in the fundraisers name being solely responsible for all fundraising activities.

* All fundraising organizations will adhere to all laws and regulations that govern the raffles, offers, or any other activity. All fundraising activities will be held in a legal nature with the safety of all public and attendees with the upmost importance. * All requests for San Antonio Military Veteran’s Foundation representatives to attend your activity or become a participant in any and all proceedings to be sent to the (SAMVF) prior to all events or functions SAMVF Media Coverage * SAMVF is more than happy to entertain any and all ideas for media materials or releases. SAMVF requires clearance from SAMVF prior to conducting any and all media related to the fundraising event or the use of their name and/ or their mission.

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