Versions Of Ski Jumping

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There are several different versions of Ski Jumping. Some of these are Freestyle skiing, Ski Flying, Water Ski Jumping, and others. Freestyle skiing is one of the versions that is closely related to aerial skiing. This version of ski jumping is not being officially managed by any specific authority or association in the world although there are several disciplines in which this sport has been organized.

According to some people, this version of skiing has been found to be associated with a very high level of difficulty. In fact, it has been categorized as one of the dangerous sports and therefore may people were not really in favor of classifying it as an Olympic sport. Knee injuries are the most common form of injuries that have been seen to be associated with this version of ski jumping.

Some of the regulations were brought in with respect to this sport in the year 1979. The body that was mainly responsible to contribute towards this was International Ski Federation. According to the new regulations that were brought forward by this authoritative body allowed for the certification of the sports personnel involved. This was primarily ensured as a step to put a halt to the elements involving danger in these competitions.

Two main branches of freestyle skiing have been identified. One of the branches comprises the different traditional events related to freestyle skiing. The other branch of freestyle skiing comprises different styles such as half pipe, new school, big air, slope style, etc.

The other popular version of ski jumping is ski flying. This has been generally classified as one of the extreme versions of this sport. The venue for conduct of this event is generally on big hills. The selected hills generally have to meet a K-spot criterion which is equivalent to 607 feet. The world championships with respect to Ski Flying started in the year 1972. These championships have been organized one in every two years. However, at times, under some of the circumstances, these events have also been organized annually. The place where these championship events were organized in the year 2010 was Planica and the forthcoming world championships for ski flying are going to be held in Vikersund, Norway.

Yet another version of ski jumping is Water skiing. In this type of sport, the use of two long skis is generally made. These are similar to those used by a beginner. These long skis are available with a tailfin which is highly specialized in nature. It is shorter in length but the width is definitely greater. In this type of sport, the participants will generally make efforts to launch in the air and the objective of these sports personnel would be travel as far as possible before they actually land up in the water. Some of the well trained and highly professional ski jumpers can possibly travel a distance which is as long as 70 meters before they actually touch the water. Once the skier lands, it is extremely important that he must ensure to establish a control on the ski rope. This will be required for the calculation of the distance that is traveled by him.

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