Verbal communication and non-verbal communication

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Teachers are giving students information about their course subject or unit this allows students to make note and get as much information as they can(updating knowledge and support for activities) Multimedia communication College TV It department The purposes of the college having the TV are for entertainment and also update the knowledge of pupils in the college. (invite support for activities, update knowledge). Web-based communication Intranet It department Intranet allows students to view their timetables, attendance and also access their work.

Intranet also allows students to find out what event is happening at college. (Update knowledge, communicate promotional messages, and inform future decisions. This report is about different types of communication used throughout the Chelmsford College. Chelmsford College uses a lot of verbal communication and non-verbal communication. Verbal communication means is a one way for people to communicate face-to-face. Sounds, words, speaking and language are some of key components of verbal communication.

Verbal communication is one of the easiest ways to communicate. Some examples of verbal communications are speeches, telephones, interviews, meetings. An example would be interviews. An interview allows Chelmsford College to find a new teacher to employee. In an interview, questions can be asked about salary, actions. You can also discuss what is done on day to day basics and relate it to your own interprets and feelings. Interview also provides to build self-confidence and to improve your ability to handle a job interview.

Another example could be telephone. Pupils who are off college for their own reason can inform the college why they are not in college and also they could ring the college to ask information. Written communication is the ability to use written language. It includes facial expressions. Body movements and gestures. Written communication is talking without speaking word. It also guarantees that everyone concerned has the same information. It provides long lasting record of communication for future. Within the Chelmsford College uses a hand booklet.

Hand booklet gives information to students about what courses are available and more detail given. Another example would be email. This allows pupil to get contact with teachers. Or send a finished document. Onscreen information is where information may be produced on-screen. This can be seen in multimedia TV and CD-ROM’s that combine text, graphics, animation, audio and video. Chelmsford college teachers use presentation to teach students. This allows students to make note and get as much information as possible. And who are more visual learners is would be easier for them.

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