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The purpose of this letter is to inform the recipient that there are AQA support meetings for GCE Applied Business; this support meeting is available to teaching staff to obtain practical advice and ideas to help teach the AQA course to students. The letter is used to advertise the AQA course to teaching staff and to encourage the Business studies department to attend the AQA support meetings to enhance teaching abilities in the subject and to improve exam grades.

The letter clearly points out the advantages of going on this course in bold writing, “Offer relevant and proven guidance based on successful past practice, are led by experienced examiners and teacher. ” this is done to attract attention straight away and try and persuade you to attend the course before you have even read the leaflet. 1. 2 Audience This letter is aimed at teachers that teach A level Business studies with the exam board AQA, it is aimed at this specific group of people because it provides a service that could greatly help staff teach Business studies to students.

1. 3 Content The contents of this document are written to try and persuade members of staff in the business studies department to attend the AQA course available. The document does this by highlighting certain important points by using different features. The start of the text is headed in bold writing to make the title stand out from the rest of the text “Support Events from AQA”.

There are different comments from other’s who have attended the meeting and their comments have been put in italic text to make them stand out and want to be read, The comments are short but effective words “Outstanding, Enlightening” for persuasion, and to try and persuade people even more the benefits of the meeting have been put in bold text and have also been put in bullet points to stand out “are clearly designed and focused for a particular target group”. The address of both the company and the recipient are present on the document.

The text has been paragraphed appropriately, the date the letter was sent has been added to the letter. The letter has also been signed this has been done on the computer. 1. 4 Layout The layout of this letter is a very basic letter format. The company logo is in the top left hand corner of the page, alongside the company details on the right hand side of the page. The recipients address is directly below the company logo in capital letters, with the date the letter was sent and the centre number of the school under the company address.

Below the recipients address is the contents of the letter, which is set out in short, detailed paragraphs, and in the middle of these paragraphs is a set of bullet points which are in bold text this becomes the centre focus of the page. The letter is signed at the bottom of the text and is then followed a PS. Note informing the recipient to book quickly, at the bottom of the page is a footer containing extra company details.

The writing style in this letter is very informative and persuasive, the letter is set out to persuade the recipient that they need to go on this course, and the company uses comments from previous support meetings to make the recipient think that this course is really good and could benefit the teachers and their students. The company has also added and extra comment at the end of the letter telling the recipient how popular the course is and that it books up quickly so to get booking without delay, this is one final push to try and persuade the recipient to try and attend the support meetings.

Although this letter should be a formal letter, AQA have tried to make the letter seem friendlier, it is more informal, they have done this to make the company seem friendly and that the course will be friendly as well, the letter seems to be written like a friend would write to you, very chatty. 1. 6 Strengths The strengths of this letter are, The logo of this company is placed so that it is viewable and it is also easily recognized. The address of both the company and the recipient, are present on this letter, so that the recipient can then contact the company if need be.

The recipients address is in capital letters this could be a weakness and strength, with the address being in capitals this makes it easier to read. The date the letter was sent is present on the letter, so the recipient knows when the letter was sent. Different features are used to make text stand out; both Italic and Bold have been used. Bullet points have also been used to clearly make statements and to make this text stand out; this section of the letter becomes the centre focus of the page. The letter is signed and the name is then clearly printed below so if they need to contact the company they know who to ask for.

There is also a little PS. Note informing the recipient that courses usually fill up pretty quickly so to book a place without delay, this is written not just to inform you to book up quickly but also to show that it is popular and to try and persuade you to go. 1. 7 Weaknesses The logo is far too close to the recipients address, there is no gap between the end of the logo and the start of the recipients address. The recipients address is in capital letters this could be a weakness and strength, with it being capitals it looks as if it has just been mail merged from a database which doesn’t look very personalised.

The signature has been inputted from the computer as a saved image, this makes the letter look less professional and less personalised. There is a large gap at the bottom of the page. 1. 8 Improvements Some improvements that could be made are, The address could be moved down the page a bit so that there is a larger gap between the logo and the address; this would make the page look more spaced out and would remove some of the spare space towards the bottom of the page.

The recipients address could be changed in to lower case instead of being in capitals this would make the letter look more professional and personalised, and the address would then fit in with the rest of the letter. The signature could be personally signed when the letter has been printed this would make the letter appear more personalised to the recipient. The letter could be more personalised, it would not take long for the company to find out who the head of social studies is, and this would make the letter appear more professional.

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