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Computer skills of users: The computer skills of the users of the system are adequate enough to utilize the system without the need of any training other than being shown how the system works and a user manual to refer to when problems occur during use of the system. The office staff and the engineers that will be using the new system have basic computer skills that include previous work using database, word processing and spreadsheet packages to a non-advanced level.

The users who will operate the new system have some experience of data input as it has been used frequently for a long time but they have no experience of advanced database programming. System Requirements The following system requirements are the minimum requirements that will enable the software and the system to run on a computer. Although these are the minimum requirements to run the system, it is recommended that your computer system will exceed these requirements as that will allow the program and system to run efficiently to its full capability, but as long as the minimum requirements are met the system and program will run.

If you have logged into the system as the administrator you will see a message box asking if you would like to go to the “Admin” section of the system. The admin area is where you can perform tasks that other users have no access to. If you want to create or edit users, click the “Create/Edit Users” button. You will now be navigated to the “Add/Delete/Edit Users” form. This form is where you can add new users, delete users, or change current user’s passwords.

You can use the navigation buttons along the bottom row to change the record on view and to perform the other task previously mentioned. If you want to change a password, just select the user and overwrite the old password with your desired new one. When you are finished, click the “Save User” button and then click “Back To Admin” to take you back to the “Admin” area. From here, you can exit the system by clicking “Exit Application”. You can log out by clicking “Log Out” or you can go to the main form by clicking “Go To Main Form”.

You will see the “Main Form” that is used as a navigational form which lets you move to the four input forms. To access any of the four input forms, just click the relevant button. To close this form and return to the “log in” screen, click close. When you want to add customers into the database click on “Customer”. You will then be taken to a form that contains all of the boxes to input the customer’s information. This form is shown below.

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