Use of IT within Commercial Organization

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IT functions are everywhere in the current business and their great benefit is the way that they can lesser costs. One way that costs can be lowered is in time saving. For example, time is saved in the rescue of information from a database or website. Quick searches can be passed out by just typing in a key word such as the name of a customer or a module. Another method that time can be saved is in the fast doubling of information. For example, an e-mail can be sent to all of the applicable members of an organization only by creating a ready mailing list for all connections of an assured type.

Objects can be simply changed and tainted using modern desktop computers. Information Technology allows the worldwide communication of information, as well as the global recovery of information from databases and websites despite of geographical distance. Mathematic Technology in commercial organization Commercial organization main goal is making good profit of the business its running. Time ago people had to use their brain in business to calculate money and run their business. After introducing IT to commercial organization people stopped using calculation using old technology and moved on.

Right now we can calculate money by imputing money in to databases and after that count and calculate them using much different software. Money which are in hands and must be calculated quickly can be done using electronic money counter machine which is connected to computer databases, so it can count real money quickly and put them in to databases which becomes virtual money, which can be calculated, transferred much quicker then using hand to hand transfers. Money can be kept in banks where Information Technology is big use.

Money are kept in custom created databases especially for money so people will not need to always carry their money with them, modern technology allows us to use credit cards which was created by using modern IT technology. Using credit cards people can take out money from cash machines placed in many places which are also created using IT technology. IT Security in Commercial Organization Because Commercial organization is based on making profit it has to have security which would protect its data from intruders.

Commercial organization keeping their data, files and other private things in databases and spreadsheets, so to avoid data losses or steeling by other people organization have to use data protection, security created using IT technology. IT Technology use in commercial organization Today is very spirited business atmosphere stress that business owners understand and use advanced IT technologies. IT technology is an enabler; it can help business progress efficiencies and even enlarge operations.

However, the use of IT technology should be impartial with business wishes and realism. Technological transform depends to the changes in creation techniques and creation equipment. It could be a transform in the mechanism used to build a product or the computers to design a product. More lately it is the use of the computers and information technology “IT” to advance the effectiveness and competitiveness of organizations that has led to technological change. Since technological is so quick, there are vital suggestions for organizations.

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