United 93

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Set up very much like a documentary, United 93 puts you right there onboard United Airlines Flight 93, the fourth hijacked plane on Sept. 11, 2001, which crashed in a Pennsylvania field, just short of its intended target. The first half of the film cuts between the mundane routine of boarding the ill-fated flight to the horrifying events unfolding at the World Trade Centre, played out in airport control towers, as well as the FAA’s command centre in Herndon, Va., and the military’s centre at the Northeast Air Defence Sector in upstate New York.

Everyone is scrambling, trying to figure out what’s happening, while an air of absolute powerlessness hovers over them. Then for the last unbelievably heart-wrenching 30 minutes or so, we are back on the plane. We watch as the hijackers wait and wait to make a move, and then, once they do, watch as the passengers realize the gravity of the situation after talking with their loved ones on the ground. The heroism, the defiance, is palpable

The purpose of united 93 was to alter the minds of society and condition them. It changed America’s view upon Islam and Muslims, from accepting their religion and not having an issue against them to hating the followers, and to abolish the existence of it.

The film also informs about what transpired on September 11th,from the terrorists boarding the four planes to united 93 being hijacked during flying and the pilots being killed.

The film didn’t persuade me however, it obviously persuaded millions as they have convictions about how Muslims act, and what really Islam is, due to how Paul Greengrass depicted the 9/11.

It generated income as all films do. However, that wasn’t its main objective to achieve in creating the film. Its gross revenue is $76,286,096, from a budget of $15,000,000.

The intended audience of the film is 12 and above. It is rated also a 12. The audiences defined by gender in my opinion was male as I don’t believe that women would really care and also wouldn’t watch the film because of its tedious and never-ending start.

The film would be watched really by American’s and Europeans. I couldn’t cogitate that south American’s, Asians and Africans would care as much and be interested in the 9/11 issue. So this vindicates that the ethnic and cultural identity of viewers of United 93 would be white/Caucasian

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