Unit 4: How many are there? How much is it? / ?Cuantos hay? ?Cuanto cuesta?

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Ella es alta y tiene el pelo largo y castano
She is tall and she has long and brown hair.

El es bajito y tiene orejas grandes
He is short and he has big ears.

Somos de mediana edad
We are middle-aged.

Ellos estan gordos, son guapos
They are fat, they are good-looking.

Los ojos de Tom son azules. Es feo
Toms eyes are blue. He is ugly.

La serpiente es verde y larga
The snake is green and long.

El pescado es naranja y pequeno
The fish is orange and small.

El cachorro es blanco y joven
The puppy is white and young.

El hamster es marron y blanco
The hamster is brown and white.

El gato es negro y grande
The cat is black and big.

Hay una silla verde en mi casa
There is a green chair in my house.

Hay cuatro mesas amarillas en la clase
There are four yellow tables in the classroom.

Hay agua fria en el frigorifico
There is some cold water in the fridge.

No hay dinero en la cartera
There isnt any money in the wallet.

No hay autobuses en la parada
There are not any buses at the bus stop.

?Hay una chica italiana en la clase de ingles?
Is there an Italian girl in the English class?

?Hay azucar en el armario?
Is there any sugar in the cupboard?

No hay tazas de cafe en la cocina
There are not any coffee cups in the kitchen.

?Hay estudiantes de Francia en esta clase?
Are there any students from France in this class?

?Cuanto cuesta el boligrafo rojo?
How much is the red pen?

?Cuanto cuestan los pantalones verdes?
How much are the green trousers?

?Cuanta azucar hay en la cocina?
How much sugar is there in the kitchen?

?Cuantas botellas de agua hay en el frigo?
How many bottles of water are there in the fridge?

?Cuanta leche hay en la botella?
How much milk is there in the bottle?

?Cuantos vasos de cerveza hay encima de la mesa?
How many glasses of beer are there on the table?

Ellas tienen las manos pequenas
They have small hands.

El es alto y atractivo.
He is tall and handsome

Ella es bajita y el tiene los ojos grandes.
She is short and he has big eyes

Nosotros tenemos el pelo rubio.
We have blond hair

Ellos son mayores. Tienen el pelo oscuro.
They are old. They have dark hair

Yo soy delgada pero no soy fea.
I am thin but I am not ugly

El gatito es negro y gordo.
The kitten is black and fat

El conejo es blanco. Tiene las orejas largas y los ojos rosas.
The rabbit is white. It has long ears and pink eyes

Hay algun dinero encima de la mesa.
There is some money on the table

Hay sillas en la habitacion.
There are some chairs in the bedroom

No hay zumo de naranja en la nevera.
There isnt any orange juice in the fridge

?Hay vasos de leche encima de la mesa?
Are there any glasses of milk on the table?

Hay 10 estudiantes chinos en las clases de Ingles.
There are ten Chinese students in the English classes

No hay sillas en mi habitacion.
There are not any chairs in my bedroom

?Hay sal en la cocina?
Is there any salt in the kitchen?

?cuanta leche hay en la tienda?
How much milk is there in the shop?

?cuantas cajas de zumo de naranja hay?
How many orange juice boxes are there?

?cuantos deberes hay hoy?
How much homework is there today?

?cuanto cuesta la chaqueta azul?
How much is the blue jacket?

?cuantos ninos tienes tu?
How many children do you have?

Hay algunos lapices negros encima de la mesa.
There are some black pencils on the table

No hay ninos en el colegio ahora.
There are not any children at school now

?cuantas hermanas tienes?
How many sisters do you have?

?cuanto te hay encima de la mesa?
How much tea is there on the table?

? cuanto dinero tienes?
How much money do you have?

?cuanto cuesta el libro rojo?
How much is the red book?
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