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In line with Under Armour Inc. ‘s goal to expand and hire more people, the training of employees is a must in order to maintain a degree of professionalism in our services. As head of the sales division, I am in charge of ensuring that the performance of the people in my team will promote the company’s vision of continued growth. A sale is the bottom line of our operation. The company’s careful planning, deliberation and massive marketing campaigns will be wasted if the sales team is not ready to face the challenges thrown their way. Cross-Trainer Campaign

The company will be launching in May the advertising for our own cross-trainers. The introduction of this latest style among Under Armour footwear is necessary to build our brand in the market. The ad campaign that goes with the introduction of our cross-trainer is also needed to ensure that we will revive a market that has been experiencing low sales in the past few years. Anticipating the public interest that will result from print ads, television commercials and other promotional activities, the sales division would like to be better prepared for the event.

I would like the sales persons in our retail outlets to be equipped with the right knowledge about the product; and they must be trained to handle customer queries and concerns. The sales team should also know how to turn every opportunity into a sale. Making our sales force highly effective and efficient can be achieved through Salesmanship and Customer Service Training. Need for Salesmanship and Customer Service The ads are expected to make potential buyers excited to see the cross-trainer athletic shoes. Our sales force should know how to make these excited would-be buyers buy our products1. Does our salespeople know about our products?

Do they come across as competent and professional? Will they be able to convince customers that they’re getting good quality for their money? All of these things will be covered in the sales training program. ___________________ 1. Robert M. Johnson, ‘Basic Salesmanship. ” 1996. Available from http://www. central-station. com/sales. htm Name Subject Date Date: March 3, 2008 Subject: Salesmanship and Customer Service Training Recommendation In any transaction, there are instances when a customer comes back with a complaint. A good salesperson should be able to satisfactorily address the concern and forward it to the appropriate

department if the complaint is something he can’t solve right there and then2. The most important thing is, the salesperson should be able to placate an irate customer and prevent that person from seeing the company in a bad light. Ultimately, what the sales team will learn from the program will not only benefit our latest brand. It will translate to higher revenues for the entire organization. Training Program The training program that specifically provides the necessary skills that our salespeople should have is offered by Success Training Academy in Baltimore.

I have already made initial inquiries regarding the different programs they offer, and I am satisfied that they could provide the team with exceptional training. The Baltimore staff’s training program will only be the start. Once we’ve equipped these people with the right skills, we can send them to our other branches to impart what they’ve learned to the rest of the sales personnel. In this manner, the company will be able to improve efficiency and effectiveness in all outlets, at a minimum cost.

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