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Most companies find that the advertising is the only way to sell their goods. Most company’s good would not sell at all without advertising. Adverts cost a lot of money about 20 years ago we are talking 35,000. these prices will have at least double by now if not even more. So this shows that people are willing to spend enormous amounts of money to promote their goods. There are many different techniques used to promote goods in adverts. Ads cost a lot of money and it is important that they catch the eye of a viewer. What is also important is the time of day that the advert is shown. if I was advertising a really expensive car there in no use doing it during working hours.

The time adverts are shown affects the cost the company has to pay as their will be a lot more people watching televisions at 7:30pm than at 1:00pm. There is quite a large difference in the theme of the adverts at 9:30am and the adverts at 9:30pm. Most of the adverts that were shown in the 9:30am time slot were for food or products this means that these products span a lot of age gaps meaning they appeal to most people watching. Many adverts are aimed at children and younger people, as that is the target audience of the programme they are shown during SM: TV. The advert for breakfast cereals was obviously aimed at children, as it was computer generated and the charters where aliens which appeals to the younger children. The biscuit advert involved different characters wrestling in jam and children might find this funny.

Children will not buy the products for themselves they will try get their mum and dad to purchase the product. Also the Huggies (a make of nappy) advert that was shown was obviously aimed at parents. Even thou babes are the users of the nappy. The most of these adverts contained some kind of common character the is a recognised person and makes you think of a product. In the children’s adverts it is usually a colourful lively cartoon character (e.g. Quickie the rabbit from the Nesquik advert or Professor Weeto from the Weetos advert).

The adults aimed at adults also have characters but they are usually real people there are some cartoon characters (e.g. Connie on the AOL advert or the man in the Flash Wipes adverts) these characters stick in your minds and are used as icons for the various companies that they represent. The music in the adverts also influences people’s decisions about the products for example the cheery music on the Huggies nappy advert indicates that the babies are happy so people think those nappies will make their babies happy.

The adverts that are shown in the 9:30pm time slot are slightly different to the ones shown in the morning. The ones in the evening are definitely aimed at adults. Three of the adverts are about investing money, which is something that only adults do. There are no products that would appeal to children shown in this time slot except from the organic food from Sainsbury’s as the food that is shown in this advert is aimed at kids.

The Sainsbury’s advert also uses a celebrity chef to sell its product by using Jamie Oliver this will make people think that if he eats the food it must be good because he is a chef. Some of these products are for healthy living and that is something that children are not concerned with and adults find very important. In the Bio-pot (yougout) advert they use the song ” so good” by James Brown, by using this song it makes people think that the product will make u very lively and happy.

Also it is a very memorable piece of music so u will remember the advert. In the Abbey National advert they also use a celebrity, comedian Alan Davies, they also have made other adverts and made a kind of story through them this will make the adverts more memorable as well. One technique used in the Honda Civic is to show happy young attractive people using there product this makes people believe that this car is driven by happy young attractive people, so they want to be them and buy the car. This advert makes people think the car is fashionable and is probably quite effective.

The advertiser have some very effective techniques and no exactly what type of people they are targeting with their product. They know that if they want to sell something to an eight-year-old they need to use brightly coloured animated character with funny voices and cheery music. If they want to attract a man to a product they use a busty model and drape her over the product and pack the advert with scientific sounding facts.

If you want to sell something to a woman you use a hunky man and fill the adverts with scientific facts. This technique is also used a lot by including scientific facts in the adverts this makes people think the product is very high tech and will be the best that they can buy. I think that these companies are quite clever and can easily fool someone into buying something that they don’t need. The companies are very good at advertising their products and know exactly when to do it and who to show it to.

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