Types Of Rowing Competition

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Different individuals have different interests when they participate in the sport of rowing. Some of them participate only for leisure reasons while the others may be serious in pursuing this sport as a professional career and therefore they may even participate in several different competitions.

There are different types of competitions for rowing as a sport. All types of rowing races are broadly described through an umbrella term called regattas. However, there is a difference in terminology as far as UK is concerned. In UK, this terminology is used to describe only summer season related head-to-head races. The races that take place in the winter season in UK are time trials and they are known by a different name that is, Head Races.

There are unusual demands that are placed on the different competitors in the sport of rowing. There is a significant endurance element involved in the world championship of rowing. In this championship, the total distance of the race is very long and is equivalent to 2,000 meters. However the time duration of this race is very small that is it is only between 5.5 to 7.5 minutes. Thus, extremely high amount of power output is generated by the athletes who are participating in this type of an event.

The amount of motion that is involved in this particular race also leads to the compressions of lungs in the participant rowers and thus they have a limited amount of oxygen availability during the race. As a result, it becomes essential for the rowers to customize their breathing pattern in a manner that it is in close coordination with the stroke. This is generally unlike most other sport events as the participant members in different sports are definitely able to breathe in a free manner.

Side by side racing is one of the common forms of the racing as a part of this sport. Most of the races that are organized during the summer or sprint season generally are of side by side racing type. In this type of racing, the different boats will start at the same time from a well-defined start line and the rower who is able to cross the finish line the earliest is declared as the winner in this competition. The most common number of boats that are generally seen as a part of this competition is between two to six.

In World Rowing Championships and at the Olympic games, the standard racing is generally involving a length of 2,000 meters. The distance has been however found to be variable in case of dashes wherein this distance can start from 500 meters, however it can be as long as a marathon race.

Some of the traditional rowing races have also been identified. The distance included as a part of these races is generally of non-standard length. These are some of the annual rowing events. These races being referred here include the annual Boat Race that is held between Cambridge and Oxford. The other one which also falls in the same category of non-traditional races is the Harvard-Yale Boat Race.

If we analyze rowing as a sport in general, there are several competitions involving many boats and generally a series of rounds is organized in most of these competitions. Several other competition types are prevalent in the sport of Rowing. These are head races, bumps races, stake races, among others.

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