Types Of Players In A Volleyball Team

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There are five different types of players in any given volleyball team. These five different types of players include Opposite Hitter or the Right Side Hitter, Middle Hitter, Setter, Opposite Hitter or the Left Side hitter and the Defensive Specialist or a Libero. All these different types of players have their own set of roles to play in order to contribute towards a given volleyball team winning a particular match.

The task that is typically performed by the setters in the team is that of designing and coordinating the offense strategies for the team. They are also responsible for aiming for the second touch and they have to ensure that the ball is placed in the air so that the different attackers can ensure that the ball is thrown in the court of the opposing team and a point can thus be scored.

It is important that they exhibit an effective level of coordination with the hitters and they have to also contribute to maintain the tempo and the rigor of the team that is, they have to ensure that the team plays with a great level of enthusiasm. The other traits that are significantly important for the setters are their accuracy with respect to the tactics that they use and their skillful and swift appraisal. They should also be agile as they must ensure to move very quickly in the court.

The defensive specialists or Liberos have to primarily play the role of receiving a given attack. These players are the ones who display the quickest possible time to react in the court. Additionally these players also have the best possible passing skills. These players also possess the ability to ensure substitution for any other player in the entire team. During the game, the color of the jersey of Liberos is ensured to be different from the other players of the team. This is ensured to facilitate their easy identification in the court.

The players that have got the prime responsibility of performing the fast attacks are termed as the Middle Hitters or the Middle Blockers. These fast attacks generally take place close to the setter. These players have a specialization in the act of blocking. This is because they specialize in blocking the fast plays that are generally exhibited from the different opponent players. They are also involved in setting up a double block at the sides of the court.

The players who are responsible for attacking near the left antenna are known as Outside Hitters or Left Side Hitters. These types of players are generally recognized as the most consistent hitters in the team and this player is also known to get the maximum number of sets.

The players which are designated with the responsibility of carrying the defensive workload in a volleyball team are termed as the Right Side Hitters or Opposite Hitters. The placement of these players is in the front row in the court. The responsibility that is typically performed by these players is that they form an effective block against the players of the opposing team and they also play the role of a backup setter in the team.

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