Types of Clouds with Weather Vocabulary Review

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low clouds; below 2000m; gray fog like clouds; flat

clouds that are low-level flat layers of cumulus clouds, that begin to join each other.

Clouds that are low-level, uniform layer, usually very dark, that bring heavy rain or snow.

gray/blue in color; Middle level (6500 – 20,000 ft), gray sheet, thinner layer allows sun to appear as through ground glass. Precipitation: rain or snow.

Middle level (6500 – 20,000 ft) clouds that look white, fluffly ,cotton ball appearance and shape; usually seen when a cold front passes through an area

high level (20,000+ feet), thin, sheet-like, flat clouds that cover the sky.

High Level clouds; Small, round, puffy and can form rows or ripples

found at high altitudes and appear as thin and wispy sheets with feathery appreance made of ice crystals

low level clouds that look like a piece of floating cotton and are associated with good weather

A type of cumulus cloud that is tall and gray, and associated with thunderstorms. They are found in all altitude levels.

an instrument used to measure wind speed

An instrument that measures atmospheric pressure

rain guage
An instrument used to measure precipitation

An instrument used to measure temperature

wind vane
Instrument used to show wind direction

Condition of earths atmosphere at a particular time and place

Any form of water that falls from clouds and reaches Earths surface

a tiny piece of snow. snow falls in flakes that have different shapes

A collection of water droplets or ice crystals in the atmosphere.

a storm that forms over warm, tropical ocean waters

Hard rounded ice pellets that fall from the sky

Abrupt electric discharge from cloud to cloud or from cloud to earth accompanied by the emission of light

Precipitation consisting of droplets of water.

type of weather that produces lighning, thunder, rain, hail, and wind

precipitation falling from clouds in the form of ice crystals

A destructive, rotating column of air that has very high wind speeds and that may be visible as a funnel-shaped cloud.

A cloud at ground level.

air in motion

high pressure
A mass of sinking cool air that usually bring fair weather.

low pressure
A mass of rising warm air that usually bring wet, stormy weather.

cold front
the front of an advancing mass of colder air

warm front
a front where warm air moves over cold air and brings drizzly rain and then are followed by warm and clear weather

occluded front
a front where a warm air mass is caught between two colder air masses and brings cool temperatures and large amounts of rain and snow

stationary front
A boundary between air masses that dont move possibly causing rain for several days.

isobar map
a map that connects areas of equal air pressure

isotherm map
A map where like temperatures on the map are connected by a line

measuring instrument for measuring the relative humidity of the atmosphere
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