Types of Advertising

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Businesses have to decide how best to promote the products they make and sell. Should they advertise, for instance, or should they use point of sale promotion? This decision involves weighing up the relative cost of each form of promotion and how best to target their potential customers. They also need to decide whether to organise the promotion themselves or use an outside organisation like an advertising agency.

If a company was wanting to reach a large number of customers it would usually use median advertising as it is quite costly and would only be in the budget range of a large company with lots of money, therefor being able to afford to advertise on T.V. a very expensive Medium. A small business like the one I am going to be setting up would not be able to afford these types of advertising and I would probably aim to advertise locally in magazines or local newspapers like “The North Wales Weekly News” which is more in my price range and would reach my target customer.

Advertising Agencies: Advertising agencies are businesses which specialise in organising the advertising of other businesses. Usually this to would be used by larger companies that could afford agencies to organise its advertising campaigns. In a Advertising Agency you would have a account executive that would be appointed to run a particular campaign. They then would involve other groups:

The Market research department; collects information to use in the campaign. The creative department; decides the words pictures and sounds to use in the campaign. The art buying department; organises the making of the film advertisment, the taking of photolgraphs,etc The media Buying department; buys the slots on t.v radio in newspapers and magazines,etc. An advertising agency is crucial to the success of any advertising campaign, boring adverts will not attract any customers.

Direct Mail

This involves businesses sending advertising leaflets directly to the household or business through the post. To keep the costs down, the advertiser needs a list of potential customers. For instance it may target people in a particular area, taking names and addresses from the electoral register. Or it may have a list of clients who have bought products in the past. This is often used by financial services businesses like banks and insurance companies, and mail order firms. This sounds like quite a good way of advertising as you could get it to the target customers in the area I want to set up in; Llandudno.


This is the communication between businesses and customers, making the customers aware that the product is for sale, telling or explaining to them what is the product making them aware how it will serve their needs and persuading them to buy the product for the first time or again. This sounds like a great way of advertising as it is direct to the target customer, telling them what is it you are selling and how, I think this is defiantly worth considering with my business as I think it is within my capability and would help sell my product. Public Relations This is the promotion of a positive image about a product or business through giving information about the product to the general public, other businesses or to the press.

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