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I think that the Garnier advert is more eye-catching as it has more colour. However the heading ‘ Free baby-sitting service from BT’ on the BT advert would attract couples with small children as they are the sort of people who would be looking for a baby-sitter. In the Garnier advert, the picture is very effective as it is very big and will grab your attention. In both adverts there is a baby. In the Garnier advert, the baby is very small, down at the bottom of the picture. It is not immediately noticeable; it is used to show that the hair is so soft that even a baby likes to hold it.

In the BT advert the baby has just been sick. It is not essential to the advert, but contributes towards the visual humour. The pictures in the BT advert are smaller, but sharper then in the Garnier advert. The BT advert is very black and white, whereas the Garnier advert is very bright. Although Garnier have lots of hair colourings, they have used the ‘Intense Red’ colouring in the advert as it is a bright colour, which symbolises passion. This will appeal to the target audience. In both adverts language is at the centre of the persuasion. In the BT advert, there is a prominent headline ‘free baby-sitting service from BT’.

This is a joke, adding to the visual humour. The slogan ‘BT, bring you and the UK together’ is a well-known BT slogan and is widely used. The graphics fit in with the text, as they show a girl out with her friends and a Dad looking after the baby. The Garnier advert also has a prominent headline though not as bold as in the BT advert. It describes what the product does, whereas in the BT advert, the headline was part of the joke in the advert. In the BT advert the text tells the reader about the product and at the bottom is more information.

This would help persuade the target audience as it gives them all the information they need to take advantage of the offer. The Garnier advert uses lots of different adjectives to promote the hair colouring. In both adverts the text is very important as it persuades the taken audience to purchase the product. Advertising is used to persuade people to buy products or to modify their behaviour. It does this through exploiting vulnerabilities and weaknesses’; creating an unattainable illusion of something that is never going to happen.

I think that sometimes there is too much advertising, especially during films when you just want to watch the whole film without it being interrupted by adverts.

However, in the UK, it is not as all pervading as in some countries, for example, in Canada, where the opening titles to a programme a shown, followed by a number of adverts, before the programme has even begun. There are some advantages to adverts; they give information, this is partially useful in campaign advertising, the may encourage a change in peoples behaviour (e. g. , to stop drinking or to wear seat belts. )

It is also productive when two companies are advertising a similar product as this may bring down prices for the consumer. Most adverts are enjoyable and some (like the Hovis advert with the little boy riding his bike down the lane) are memorable. The music that accompanies some adverts can also help to sell the product. However there are some disadvantages to adverts as they play on our vulnerabilities and encourage us to buy products we don’t really need. Overall though I think that advertising is a very effective way of getting information to a large amount of people.

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