Triathlon – The Sport of Real Energy

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Triathlon has many fitness benefits. This is the reason why many amateur people are interested in this sport i.e. because of its fitness benefits. It basically includes all cardio vascular exercises because all three events require a flexible body. This is why the traithletes are given training for cardio vascular exercises. Apart from cardio vascular exercises these traithletes are given training for three different disciplines i.e. swimming, running and cycling. This sport is slightly different from rest of the sports which are performed alone.

The amateur traithletes try to compete in individual cycling, swimming and running. The professional traithletes used their various skills in each discipline and improve as a whole in the race. When there are major events held like Ironman the traithletes are suppose to set up there bikes in the transition area under guard the day before the race. But for shorter distances the racers arrive the ground an hour before the race. There are various trainings given periodically in different disciplines. Apart from that training for combinational workouts, general strength, power etc are given to ensure highest levels in the race. The person who is proficient in swimming, running and cycling is not only sufficient for triathlon.the participants who take part in triathlon events have spent many hours on training for those events.

There are many injuries which are incurred during the long hours of single sport. But in triathlon these injuries are very rare cases. The traithletes are given training for cross training effect. Apart from cross training they are given training for yoga, weight lose and pilates. The large majority of traithletes is of amateur so they are categorized further according to their age and sex. One main reason for the popularity of such a complex sport and time intensive sport is the opportunity which the racers get to compete with the racers of their same age and sex. The age groups in this game are defined in big intervals such as five to ten years. In most of the marathons there is lower age limit. The competition among the triathletes is for the overall time taken by them for the completion, which includes individual timing between swimming, running and biking.

One who is interested in taking part in triathlon events should have flexible body because all the three events require a lot of energy. There are two transitions in triathlon. One is for swimming to cycling and the other is for cycling to running. The racers can easily save time by knowing the way of the transitions before hand. The more you practice for the transitional areas the more time you will save the time on the race day. If you are starting this game for the first time this might disheartening and even scary to you. But more of practice can really help to become a professional in this game. Probably you may be good at all three sports in triathlon but have never tried it in transition. Or may you might have not done all three sports in succession.

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