Triathlon Gear

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Since Triathlon is a special event and is very different from regular individual swimming, running or cycling, it involves special and a different kind of gear as well. The similar features between Triathlon Swimming gear and regular swimming gear are goggles, a swimsuit and a cap. The cap might be of a brighter color to ensure visibility while swimming; the goggles are there to prevent the water from going into the swimmer’s eyes.

The difference is that of a wet suit. A wet suit is basically a half body suit. This is often used in Triathlon competitions as most Triathlon Swimming tasks are performed outside in the open cold water. Thus, it is necessary for athletes to cover their bodies, at least partially before they go for a swim. However, they are not similar to regular wet suits worn by swimmers as these wet suits might hamper the hand movement while taking large strokes in the water. Thus, they are custom made by companies with a special material and specially designed sleeves so that they don’t hamper any movement. Wet suits also tend to add resilience. Trisuits – as they are often called—might even be used for running and cycling as there is hardly any time during transition to change into running or cycling gear.

The most important thing to look out for while purchasing a bike for this purpose is to look at the handlebars. These handlebars need to be designed in such a way that they reduce friction and wind resistance while riding. These handlebars are known as aero bars. Also, a lot of other pats apart from the handlebars are constructed keeping aerodynamics in mind. The frame tubes tend to get an oval or teardrop inner shape; handlebars need to be flat instead of circular; wheels might have lesser spokes etc.

In terms of running, there is nothing very special required apart from very unique and special kinds of shoes. These shoes are generally very light weight and have holes in them to make sure the water and sweat runs out. The laces are elastic so that the runner does not have to go through the effort of tying them. Very comfortable shorts are also required.

They must have automatic straps that stick the cyclist’s feet onto the shoes. They must also have special soft soles so that socks are not required. The laces are elastic so there is no need to waste time in tying them. A majority of athletes prefer to leave their shoes stuck on to the pedals so that they have to just reach the cycle and push their feet in without any trouble.

The different Triathlon gear can be procured from many online stores that are available. A variety of such gear are offered by these online stores and different types of gear can be purchased and relied upon for performing different activities in Triathlon. Most of the online stores also provide for the delivery of this equipment right at your door. All you need to do is fill up some of the online forms and complete some of the formalities that may be required.

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