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After four months of carefully studying the current economic situation, I have decided to major in mathematics. I have been consistently following Financial and economic reports in the Wall street journal and I have keenly observed that financial experts and many scholars anticipate that the economic situation at the moment and in the near future will be fluctuatioal (Wall Street Journal, 2010, pp. 12-16). This has influenced my decision to major in mathematics; the most suitable subject in finding solutions. Measurement and expectation in mathematics can be applied as a practical tool.

Since June 2010, I have been an intern with the financial firm AXA. Financial advisors here deal with clients based on the mathematical expectation. I have developed an interest to study mathematics after noticing how it can be used as a practical method. Mathematics is no longer the theory in the book. Basing my experience from internship, I am clear in my mind that a major in mathematics specializing in measurement and expectation is the best course that can enable me to be competitive in the financial markets due practicality of the analytical approach used in measurement and analysis.

In my current college, have been taking accounting as a major with mathematics as minor. I thought CPA could land me a job more easily as an international student in the U. S. job market. I am a person who wants to figure out rules rather than following the rules that have already been set up. This has made me realize that I must mathematics. I changed my major to Actuarial science from the last semester. Unfortunately, my current school does not offer advanced-level mathematics classes.

I want to transfer to University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, which provides a full range of mathematics classes that I want to study. I wish to transfer to Actuarial Science major. I have been assigned grade A from all mathematics classes. I want to study the advanced quantitative method and measurement in master degree. After graduation, I hope to work for a financial or an insurance firm as a quantitative analyst or a predictive modeler.

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