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Before any kind to training is delivered they are required to identity the training needs within their organizations in order to succeed and attain the desired outcomes of the trailing program This article discusses the Importance of determining training needs within the service sector in order to improve the training delivery end achievement of maximum benefit for the return on Investment. Different methods to determining and assessing the training needs are also discussed which may be helpful to organizations to assess upgrade their training and development programs Key words: Training needs analysis, service sector. _ Introduction Even In midst of continued financial crisis and difficult economic environment, organizations o not deny the Importance of well trained and qualified employees to meet their objectives and raise profits. The service sector has come to rely on training to develop their professional and technical competencies oftener employees In order to Increase profitability and promote their reputation by Improving service _ one of the major reasons why training often fails to contribute to organizational success may be due to the reason that Its content is not being targeted to organizational needs and goals.

Training is most effective when it addresses the specific training needs of banks and financial organizations. In order to ensure that training has the maximum effect It should be well designed and targeted towards the right employees. Individual training needs are often identified by employees, supervisors and managers and should Include training which ;s needed to effectively perform assigned or planned duties. This type of training generally produces an immediate or short-term return on the training Investment In form of improved performance, Increase In sales and achieving assigned targets.

Conducting a well planned Training Needs Analysis will determine how many employees of the organization should be certified with their appropriate education and trailing paths. In addition, this process will also allow comprehensive customization of training programs for all departments to meet the training end development needs of the employees to meet the market competitiveness. A training needs assessment could be the initial stage in meeting the challenges of resource and time constraints which could also be done by inducting a pre training assessment.

A training needs assessment would ensure that training programs are focused and appropriate. For sure , training cannot be conducted Just for the sake of It, It Is d luxury that no organization can really afford, especially the nonprofit organizations . Some problems are oaten perceived as training problems when they are not. Organizations do not have the expertise to conduct In-depth needs analysis to determine what the real training Issues are, or the money to hire someone to conduct individual analysis.

Until specific training needs are isolated. It will be business as usual and no value-added changes In performance will occur. 2 Training Needs Assessment Training needs assessment can be as simple as asking an employee what training programs they would like to undertake in order to improve themselves, to as complex as developing an individualized training plan for every employee in the organization in the department where they work so as to update their skills . Organizations need to select appropriate training needs assessment approaches and tools in order to ascertain the needs and requirements of the employees . Training needs assessment shoulder conducted for all employees to create a superior workforce by focusing in the areas of weakness and developing them through training. Training needs assessment is a tool utilized to identify what educational courses or activities could be provided to management and employees to improve their management skills and work productivity. Focus should be placed on needs rather than believing that it is a necessity .

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