Training And Fitness In Triathlon

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Since a Triathlon requires its Athletes to be at the height of their fitness levels at all times and to be extremely regular in all work out and practice sessions, training and fitness are a must in this sport.

A lot of Athletes, many of them having taken part in the Olympics and other high level sporting events, prefer going for Triathlons since it gives them an opportunity to explore themselves, have a look and believe in their potential and most importantly, keep their bodies and muscles always fit and toned.

There are special trainers from various organizations promoting the Triathlon event who specialize in training Triathletes. They need to be trained for this purpose and help them reach that required level of perfection. Since Triathlon is an amalgamation of three specialized events, it also requires specialized trainers in each sporting event and also trainers who can combine all three events and help them work on the strategies of minimum energy used in the smallest amount of time. Then Triathletes need to be trained for using the small transition period efficiently. That little transition can very easily make or break a record.

Thus, they are told special techniques to get through the transition period as fast as possible while trying to regain their energy at the same time. Since in a Triathlon event, apart from everything else, all three events are endurance sports and thus require huge amounts of cardiovascular exercise and work out sessions to establish a certain level of stamina.

Also, since Triathletes aim to reach perfection and thus train in not one but three major sports, they are also fitter than normal athletes who train in one of these sports like a seasoned cyclist, or runner or swimmer. Since they work on multiple sports, they achieve whole-body muscular development which is basically toning of almost all muscles of the body from the chest, to abs, to legs, to arms, everything. So all in all, the major things that need to be looked into while training are firstly speed. Its tough excelling in three sports all together instead of one. What is tougher? Doing it in the minimum possible time.

Most athletes work hard to get their technique but forget the most important thing – they cannot win unless they are there the fastest. Thus, speed training is crucial. Then comes stamina. After two rigorous sessions of swimming and cycling, there are very few who still have the energy left to go on to running and performing well there as well. One needs to build stamina and tolerance levels to cope up with such extreme levels of physical activities.

After these are transition periods. Those few seconds in the middle between two events are crucial when it comes to speed and eventually winning the tournament. Speed, as one need to be quick while changing into the gear for the next sport or refreshing oneself. That little time if saved can result in your victory then finally, are trainers. Trainers play a huge role while getting athletes prepared for the task. Specific skill, speed, stamina levels, transitional periods, inspiration and basically the right thing to do at the right time is given by the Trainer.

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