Training and Development

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All the members of the staff needs to have enough experience so they will feel comfortable working on their positions. As of now, the training of my employees is internal. I can train my staff once I employ them so they would know how I want the restaurant to operate. I will train my waiters physically and mentally on the front especially on the dining area. I want them to be physically fit and have a good memory when taking orders to the customers. My other employees who are the kitchen helpers will also be trained internally.

I want them to be versatile and flexible with their jobs because if the front is very busy I can send 1 or 2 of them on the dining area to act as waiters. My 2 chefs are professional cooks for more than four years and they have enough experience on the positions I gave them. However, I still need to train them especially on the production section. I want them to do all the things that I want on that section – the preparation of food, number of dishes, buffet etc. Every 2 weeks I am going to give my evaluation by giving them a performance sheet about their skills and development for their jobs.

This can help them to be more motivated. With this kind of training, the business can produce high skilled employees that can compete in every food business in this country or maybe abroad. The next set of employees that I am going to employ must train externally. Before they can start working in my restaurant, I am going to send them to other restaurants that accept external training. External training is good because my employees can learn a lot of things before working in my restaurant and this is an advantage. Monitoring the employees

Monitoring the employees is part of Performance Management in my business. As the owner, I consistently measure their performance and provide ongoing feedback to my employees on their progress toward reaching their goals. Ongoing monitoring provides the opportunity to check how employees are doing and to identify and resolve any problems early. In my business, I can guarantee the quality of our food and services for the good of our customers. We want to have a good name in the market when it comes to quality to gain the trust of people.

If that happens, there is a huge chance of expanding the business and reach the target sales on the time we expected. People nowadays expect quality food and services from all restaurant and food businesses. All the food that we will be serving are healthy and those people who are vegetarians can enjoy our veggie meals in low prices. The surrounding of the restaurant is very clean and presentable not only in our eyes, but most importantly to the customers. With this kind of environment, the quality of our food and services will always be on a high level.

As the owner of the restaurant, it is my responsibility to ask the customers and staff about their evaluation and feedback about our food and services. Not only are people buying a meal in my restaurant, but they also paying for a certain level of service. Quality service is typically that which is prompt and courteous. That is what customers expect. I am willing to train my staff to improve their skills and to develop their mental and physical characteristics. If all my employees and myself are skilled and well trained, we can produce quality food and services.

The quality of our food and service is defined as meeting or exceeding the expectations of the customer as if promised by my restaurant. The food will be quality prepared and the services are prompt and courteous. The benefit of quality of food and service is that customers will come back and will recommend my restaurant to others. All our dishes are prepared to be delicious, but we believe that the taste of the food is not the quality of the food. The quality of our food is defined as whether it fulfils its stated and implied specifications.

The customer expects the food to be what is promised on the menu, to be cooked and prepared properly, to be clean and to have the correct flavour. That is what we considered quality food. We believe that quality food does not mean healthy food or gourmet food. It is simply what was promised. Quality Assurance This refers to the customers satisfaction by ensuring that the restaurant reached the certain quality that the customers expect from my business. I can do this by making an evaluation and performance chart on how the restaurant develops to satisfy the needs of the market especially the customers.

The dining area and kitchen will be cleaned everyday to the stop the growth of germs and bacteria that can endanger the health of the customers. With this kind of way, quality is always on high level. Food Hygiene Certificate – as the owner of the business, I have received a Food Hygiene Certificate from CIEH Foundation to ensure that as the food handler, I have met the training requirements of the Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations and are fully conversant with the practical procedures and methods of applying food hygiene in the workplace.

My business has regular visits from the Food Standard Agency that carries out a range of work to make sure that our food is safe to eat, including funding research on chemical, microbiological and radiological safety, as well as food hygiene and allergy. The details of our day-to-day work on safety and hygiene, including the policy of the business are being examined by the Agency.

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